Using Photoshop and Ai to treat character photos as cartoon effects

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The effect diagram looks simpler, but the process is more complex. First need to draw the figure of the vector map, and lust. Then use the PS filter to deal with the characters into a special halftone effect, and then the vector map and texture superimposed up.

< small map view big picture >

Final effect

1, open the material picture, and then select the "Pencil" tool sketch next as a reference area, I started from the eye, in the depiction of the eye when the use of "elliptical tool."

2, continue to use pencil tool sketch, when you need to paint more details of the section, using the "pen tool", however, it does not need to be too perfect.

3, then use Pencil tool to outline the part of the hair.

4, now I have created all the necessary vector parts, of course, if you need you can draw more refined, it will depend on the photos you use.

5, now discard the photos, start to modify the vector line. One of the best tools in Illustrator CS5 is the width tool (shift+w). You can change the width of the stroke at will.

6, you can use the following picture for reference, you can see me in this girl's hair and arm part of the use of the "width tool."

7, completed the above steps, you can add the following color. I used the "beige" part of the girl's skin, the part of the hair was "yellow", the eyes used white, the details were black, and the clothes were green.

8, now open Photoshop software, with a textured paper as the background.

9, when you open the image of retro paper with Photoshop, and then open the girl's photos, this will be the next step of the important reference. Now use the "multiply" feature to get the following effect.

10. Select the paper background layer below and use the "Reverse selection" tool to remove the unwanted parts of the photo.

11. Create a new layer below the girl photo layer, then select "Multiply" mode and fill the new layer with cyan.

12, I have just made with illutrator vector images copied to Photoshop, I used the "smart object" paste, because so I can change the size of the random. Now you can see that I'm turning the opacity of this new layer to 70% so that I can easily adjust the position so that the image overlaps.

13, when you adjust the position, you can change the opacity back to 100%.

14, readjust the layer order, the girl photo layer to the vector layer above. Then select Image > Adjust > Go color. You will get a picture of gray. Then select Image > Adjustment > Levels to change the black input value to 60. The white input value is changed to 195, and finally the layer blending mode is set to multiply.

15, select the filter > Pixel > Color Halftone, the maximum radius is set to 15, the other network angle channel set to 199. TIPS: The channel values will vary according to the maximum radius you set.

16, the following is the effect of setting. Do not think that the road is completed here, there are still several details to be adjusted. Only in this way can you get a final picture of the retro and cleaner parts of the eyes and teeth.

17, copy the paper layer, and move it to all layers above, the image blending mode set to "linear deepening."

Final effect:

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