Using Photoshop to make hell-fire text effects

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Let's start by making Photoshop Tutorials :

1, first we need to create 3D stereo text. Here we use the 3D effect filter in Illustrator software to easily get stereo text. After opening the illustrator, use the Text tool to enter the text and then perform the effect three-dimensional-extrusion and guide angle. The settings and effects are shown in the following illustration:

2. Next Execute Object-expand appearance. First select the topmost part, and "idle" to one side. Then select the remaining sections and fill them with black.

3. Open Photoshop now and create a new document in it. Paste the previous 3D text copy into the current new document to center it and resize it.

4. Use the Magic Wand tool to select the black part of the text.

5, perform image-adjust-hue/saturation. Change the color of the text to orange.

6, and then the foreground and background color set to white and black. Create a new layer, and then perform a filter-render-cloud. Then press ctrl+t free Transform command to adjust the cloud layer size, and set the layer blending mode to color dodge.

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