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Use PHP to call the Oracle stored procedure. PHP programs access the database and can use the stored procedure. some people think that the stored procedure is easy to maintain. However, I think that the stored PHP program is used to access the database, stored procedures can be fully used. some people think that it is easy to maintain
However, the wise man sees wisdom. on this issue, I think that using stored procedures means that DBA and developers must work more closely together. if one of them changes, it is obviously difficult to maintain them.
However, using stored procedures has at least two obvious advantages: speed and efficiency.
It is faster to use stored procedures.
In terms of efficiency, if the application needs to perform a series of SQL operations at a time, it needs to migrate to and from PHP and ORACLE. it is better to put the application directly to the database side to reduce the number of round trips and increase efficiency.
However, in INTERNET applications, speed is extremely important, so it is necessary to use stored procedures.
I used PHP to call the stored procedure and made the following column.

Code :--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

// Create a TEST table
Create table test (
Id number (16) not null,
NAME VARCHAR2 (30) not null,
Primary key (ID)

// Insert a data entry
Insert into test values (5, 'php _ book ');

// Create a stored procedure
Create or replace procedure PROC_TEST (
P_id in out number,
Select name into p_name
Where id = 5;


PHP code :--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

// Establish a database connection
$ User = "scott"; // database username
$ Password = "tiger"; // password
$ Conn_str = "tnsname"; // connection string (cstr: Connection_STRing)
$ Remote = true // whether to connect remotely
If ($ remote ){
$ Conn = OCILogon ($ user, $ password, $ conn_str );
Else {
$ Conn = OCILogon ($ user, $ password );

// Set binding
$ Id = 5; // The php variable id to bind.
$ Name = ""; // prepare the php variable name to bind

/** Call the SQL statement of the stored procedure (SQL _sp: SQL _StoreProcedure)
* Syntax:
* BEGIN stored procedure name ([[:] parameter]); END;
* Adding a colon indicates that this parameter is a location
$ SQL _sp = "BEGIN PROC_TEST (: id,: name); END ;";

// Parse
$ Stmt = OCIParse ($ conn, $ SQL _sp );

// Execute binding
OCIBindByName ($ stmt, ": id", $ id, 16); // parameter description: bind the php variable $ id to the location: id, and set the binding length to 16 bits
OCIBindByName ($ stmt, ": name", $ name, 30 );

// Execute
OCIExecute ($ stmt );

// Result
Echo "name is: $ name


The wise, the wise, and the wise, I think that I have used the storage...

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