Using PHP to invoke the flash_php base on different servers

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Recently, the school anniversary, made a flash animation site, but the volume is relatively large. If uploaded to the school server, from the Public Information network access is relatively slow, and put the education network from the campus network access on the relatively not smooth, fortunately, we have PHP, solve this problem!
The code is as follows:
<title> Celebration Anniversary </title>
<body bgcolor= "#f2d560" topmargin=0 leftmargin=0>
$remote _addr=getenv ("remote_addr");
$testip = "202.117.6";
$realip =substr ($remote _addr,0,9);
if ($testip = = $realip) {
$url = "";
$word = "Grow Up Campus network";
$url = "";
$word = "Public Information network";
<script language= "JavaScript" >
function Info ()

if (!confirm) ("Welcome to Chang ' An celebration Theme network" + "\ n \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ ip:&lt echo $remote _addr? >\n\n you come from the echo $word? >\n\n Please wait ... \n\ n is booting the Web page to provide the fastest network transport "+" \n\n\n please click OK to go to this page \ n "+" \ n "Cancel will leave this site \ n" + "\n\n\n" I Love Chang "))

History.go ( -1); return ""


Document.writeln (Info ()) </script>


<embed src= ". echo $url?> "Quality=high pluginspage=" P1_prod_version=shockwaveflash "type=" Application/x-shockwave-flash "width=" 100% "height=" 98% ">

Simple tip:
$remote _addr=getenv ("remote_addr"); is to obtain the IP of the client.
$realip =substr ($remote _addr,0,9); Get the first 9 bytes of IP, because our school's IP address is 202.117.6*.*, so, by judging $realip and $testip values of different to determine the value of $url, That is, the file location of Flash.
For the demo of this procedure, see:

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