Using PS filter to create a dynamic speeding fire engine

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Final effect Diagram

Figure 00

First step

First use Photoshop to add filters to the car, click Filter > Smart Filter.

Figure 01

Second Step

Click Filter > Blur > Radial blur. The radial blur still does not have the real-time preview this function in the PS CS6, and when you click the radial blur, the system default quantity is 10px, you may change according to own liking.

Figure 02

Third Step

In this step, I want to teach you how to integrate the motor vehicle's motion state with the whole. First, the Blur is set to zoom.

Figure 03

Fourth Step

Then set the quality as a sketch.

Figure 04

Fifth Step

The point is, now we're going to pick the beginning, which is the small point in the middle.

Figure 05

Sixth step

In this picture, the Blur only appears on both sides, so we have to adjust for that.

Figure 06

Seventh Step

We simply move the selection in the box below the center blur, take the middle point as a car, the whole square as a picture, and then place the center point according to the position of the car in the picture. Click OK when you are finished setting.

Figure 07

Eighth step

At this time can see a faint outline, very vague.

Figure 08

Nineth Step

Double-click the radial blur in the layers panel again, but this time the number is set to 15.

Figure 09

Tenth step

This step is also very magical, first, you hold down the ALT key, click on the layer panel of the smart filter, and then the picture becomes white, then you choose a black brush, in the need not to blur the place Daub, smear finished in the Alt-click Smart Filter, you will find that there are unexpected effects!

Figure 10

11th Step

Pay special attention to the edge part, should not blur the place must not blur.

Figure 11

12th Step

The edge of the vehicle is slightly out of focus, and in order to improve the situation, we turn on the filter again.

Figure 12

13th step

or open radial blur, but this time the quality change to the best, the number is 15.

Figure 13

14th Step

Then add a motion blur, and the radial blur echoes, better embodiment of the motion sense.

Figure 14

15th step

You can move the selection to set the range of motion blur.

Figure 15

16th step

The values are set as follows: then click OK.

Figure 16

17th Step

It's done! This tutorial only uses the radial blur and the motion blur adjusts several times to make "The running car", is not very tall, haha

Figure 17

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