Using PS multilayer layer style to make metal texture word technique

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The text in the effect picture includes a metallic texture, texture, and some edge complements, so it's hard to do with a layer style. The best way is to copy several layers of text, one layer corresponding to an effect, and then the fill to 0, you can get the desired effect.

Final effect

< map 1>

1, a new 800 * 600 pixel file, background filled with black, the following figure.

< map 1>

2, select the Type tool, play on their own needs of text, font slightly larger, color with yellow: #FDF701, the following figure.

< map 2>

3, set the layer style before you also need to define some texture patterns, open the following image of the texture material, select the menu: Edit > Definition pattern, the name of their own, will be used later.

< small map view big picture >

4. Double-click the blue area of the text thumbnail to bring up the layer style, set the bevel and Emboss first.

The specific parameters are set as shown below, and the shadow section needs to remove the hook in front of the "Use Global Light".

< map 3>

The contour selects the wavy shape, as shown below.

< map 4>

Inner Shadow: Choose the right color and contour, but also remove the hook in front of the global light.

< map 5>

Inner glow: Color set to orange yellow: #e6b155, other settings as shown below.

< map 6> categories:

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