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Take a lot of photos, want to repair and share out the circle of friends, but so many pictures of a Zhang Xiu is a tiresome mechanical work. Today to share a PS native filter adobe Camera raw one key batch repair, the main use is the default of ACR storage and application, and will send a professional repair map company OnOne produced a set of preset to everyone yo.

Adobecamera Raw (ACR) is a PS with a filter, is specialized in the processing of lossless RAW image of the software, the use of people have said well, still do not understand the small partners can go out left to ask degrees Niang ha. With Li Tao teacher said, ACR and Lightroom in use is Shanton, then we all know LR can save color preset, with a preset in processing a large number of pictures when the bulk operation that is quite convenient and intimate. That like the author of the Bridge+acr+ps work flow, will inevitably envy a little, but in fact ACR can also save the preset, but also can be a large number of pictures of a key application, it is important to operate simple, practical to cry. Well, gossip less, let's go straight to the tutorial.

Ahead high-energy, beauty of the small partner please be prepared.

PS: This tutorial, only related to the knowledge of ACR preset, other operations are not detailed, if necessary, message exchange and communication.

1, first look at how to store presets. Open your Travel album folder in bridge and double-click your lossless picture to open it in ACR (if it is a JPG picture, select the Right button menu to select "Open in Camera raw"), as shown in the style of your favorite color. PS: Here only do save the preset demo, please ignore the process of color matching.

Figure 01

2, after completing the palette settings, you can click the red Circle button, in the Pop-up drop-down menu, select "Storage Settings", that will pop up "storage Settings" Subpanel, where you can choose the settings you want to save the parameters, set up after the right corner of the panel to click the "Storage" button, Save the settings in the Save dialog box that pops up.

PS: Remember not to change the location of the save, but you can change the name of the preset to facilitate the use of later, such as "my palette." Once saved, you will see the "My Palette" preset on the ACR "presets" panel.

Figure 02

Figure 03

Figure 04

Figure 05

3, Next is the play, how to use the "preset" batch repair map. First, select more than one picture in Bridge. Double-click in ACR to open (jpg picture or select right to select "Open in Camera raw").

Then, select all the pictures in ACR, open the preset panel, click "My color palette" to apply the color effect to all the pictures, one key complete, at this time you can see all the pictures with the fourth figure in the red circle of the mark, that is, color matching success. The batch repair diagram workflow is very simple as shown in the figure.

Figure 06

Figure 07

Figure 08

Figure 09

4, like LR, ACR, in addition to storing its own presets, is also able to save the application of the stick-stick preset files that other designers have done, simply copy and paste them into the location of the ACR preset files: c:users (your username) Appdataroamingadobecamerarawsettings (PS: Need to show hidden files, to see the Appdate folder, "Your username" as the name implies is to replace their own user name).

After you copy and paste, these presets appear in the ACR Presets panel and can be applied with just a click. Today's tutorial is here, I wish you a happy repair film.


Today, I would like to share with you a set of OnOne by professional software company.

Figure 10

Figure 11

    • PS Getting Started Tutorial
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