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  The Main method : Using the shortcut key CTRL ALT (down) arrow keys, fast copy and pixel-by-move pattern to get 3D effect, the operation steps are relatively easy to achieve, suitable for beginners practicing.

The following figure is the finished 3D effect Word:

Final effect

To make this effect, we need to prepare a picture of the material beforehand. What material you use depends on your own needs. As shown in the above picture, we can use a photo of dusk to achieve (Baidu can find a lot of). Here we begin the process of making this effect:

1. First open the material picture, select all pictures (Ctrl A) or use the Marquee tool (M) as needed to select a part of the picture, copy (Ctrl C). Set the foreground and background colors of the palette in the toolbar to white and black respectively. Create a new Photoshop image document with a background color of black, width and height larger than the material picture width and height, so that you can adjust it later in the steps. Paste the picture you just copied (Ctrl V) into the new image document, and rename the layer to "footage."

Figure 1: Create a new image document and paste a picture of the footage

2, in the Layers panel, click on the "material" layer before the eye icon, the material picture hidden. Then select the Horizontal Type tool (T) and select the appropriate font and font size to enter text. Here we selected the Arial black font and the 150 pixel font size.

Figure 2: Select font and font size, enter text

3, now we want to transform the text, so that it has three-dimensional perspective effect. First on the text layer on the mouse, from the right menu "grid text", the vector text into pixel images. Then choose Edit > Transform > Twist from the menu, drag the control handle, adjust and twist the text so that it is "flat" on the horizontal plane.

Figure 3: Raster and distorted text for three-dimensional perspective effects

4, select the type layer, hold down CTRL ALT key, and then press down (or UP) the arrow keys, copy the layer. Each time the arrow key is pressed, the text is copied once and the text is translated down (or up) to a pixel. The more times you copy, the greater the height of the 3D text. Here we have copied 20 times, the effect of the following figure.

Figure 4: Copying and translating the text down to get a 3D effect

5, select the "TG copy" layer, and then hold down the Shift key, click on the "TG 20" layer, select all 20 copy layers. Then select Layer > Down merge (Ctrl E) from the menu, merge the newly selected layer, and drag the layer below the TG text layer.

Figure 5: Merging 20 replica layers

6, now we have to make 3D text on the top of the surface. Click on the "material" layer of the eye icon, so that the layer from hidden into visible. Perform edit > Transform > Vertical Flip, flip the picture, and use the Move tool to move the material picture to the appropriate location to get the top surface of the 3D text that is satisfied.

Figure 6: Move the tool to move the material picture to the right location

7, adjust the position, hold down the CTRL key, click the "TG" type layer of the "layer thumbnail" icon, load the text of the selection. Then click on the "material" layer, press Ctrl + +, Photoshop will copy the image in the selection and paste it into the new layer. Rename the layer to top surface, and drag the layer to the top of all layers.

Figure 7: "Top surface" to produce 3D text

8. Use the mouse to drag the "material" layer to the bottom of the layers panel "Create new Layer" button, copy the layer, and the copy named "Rotation footage." From the menu, select Edit > Transform > Rotate 90 degrees (counterclockwise) to rotate the material picture. Then move the material picture to the appropriate position to get the 3D text to meet the vertical surface.

Figure 8: Copy and rotate the material picture

9, adjust the position, hold down the CTRL key, the left mouse button click on "TG copy 20" type layer of the "layer thumbnail" icon, load the text of the selection. Then click to select the rotate material layer and press Ctrl J to copy the image from the selection and paste it into the new layer. Rename the layer to "vertical surface" and drag the layer below the top surface layer.

Figure 9: The effect of making a "vertical surface"

10, below we will make the text reflection effect. Hold down the CTRL key, the left mouse button click on the "TG copy 20" type layer of the "layer thumbnail" icon, load that layer of text selection. Then select the footage layer and press Ctrl J to copy the selection to the new layer. Now hide the "TG", "TG copy 20", "Rotate material", and "footage" layers. Rename the newly copied layer to reflection, drag under the vertical surface layer, and then use the Move tool to move it down to the appropriate location and reduce its layer opacity to around 30%.

Figure 10

11. Create a new blank layer above the top surface layer and name it "gradient." Hold down the CTRL key, and click the "TG" type layer "layer thumbnail" icon on the left mouse button to load the selection of the layer text. Select Select > Modify > Shrink from the menu to shrink the selection by 1 pixels. Select the gradient layer, select the Gradient tool (G), select the Fade color with white-> transparency, and drag to draw a gradient effect for the selection.

Figure 11: Adding a gradient effect to a 3D text surface

12. Finally, we can add the flash effect to the high light of the text. Select the Polygon tool (U), specify the number of edges from the options bar (set to 10 in this example), click the Drop-down triangle arrow, tick the Star check box, and set the indent margin to 90%-99%, with the setting to 92%.

Figure 12-1

Now create a new layer and name it "Flash." Then drag the mouse to draw the polygon in the high light of the text, press the Ctrl key key, convert the polygon path to a selection, use white padding, adjust the layer opacity appropriately, and get the flash effect. At this point, a 3D effect word is finished.

Figure 12-2

Final effect

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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