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The benefits of automated testing

Over the past few years, there have been countless examples of software quality assurance through the use of automated test tools. So far the automated testing tool has been perfected, and we can fully provide the efficiency and quality of software testing by applying automated test tools in software testing. When using automated test tools, we recommend that you start testing as early as possible, making it easier and cheaper to modify errors, and reduce the impact of correcting errors on the software development cycle. The following illustration shows a comparison between manual and automated tests. This test case includes 1750 test cases and more than 700 errors.

Comparison of manual and automated tests

Test steps Manual Testing Automated testing Percentage of improvement tests by using tools
Development of Test plans 32 40 -25%
Development of test Cases 262 117 55%
Test execution 466 23 85D
Test results Analysis 117 58 50%
Error status/correction detection 117 23 90D
Generate reports 96 16 83%
Sum of Time 1090 277 75%

We can see from this table that automated tests are very different from traditional manual tests in all respects, especially in terms of performing tests and generating test reports.

Challenges faced by manual testing in short test cycles

The iterative development process has shown great benefits over waterfall development and has gradually replaced traditional waterfall development as the most popular software development process of all time. The emphasis in iterative development on producing multiple executable, testable versions of software in a short time interval means that testers must also test the software systems that each iteration produces. The cycle of the test work was shortened, and the frequency of the tests was increased. In this case, the traditional manual testing has been seriously unable to meet the requirements of software development. As shown in the following figure, when the first testable version was produced, the tester began testing the version of the system, and soon the second version came in the first version of the technology, and the tester needed to repeat the last Test on the second Test and test the new additions. The workload of each iteration test is gradually cumulative. As the software development process progresses, test work becomes more and more onerous, and it is difficult to ensure the progress and quality of the test work if you use manual testing methods. In this case, the application of a good automated testing tool will be imperative. By using the Automated test tool testers to complete the required behavior of the test in accordance with the test requirements, the automated test tool will automatically generate test scripts that can be used for subsequent tests of the same functionality by simply modifying the test script, without having to manually repeat the functional parts that have been tested.

Problems with manual testing

At the same time, modern GUI development technology has been very advanced, it provides developers the ability to quickly develop. This means that the developer can change the application very quickly and turn the new version into a tester for testing. In fact, many companies have multiple versions of the application generated every day. If you still use the traditional manual test method is simply impossible to meet the requirements of rapid software development.

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