Using SECURECRT, Xshell to generate SSH login Linux public key under Windows system

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Method one using the SecureCRT tool

1. Open our SECURECRT client and click Tool-->create Public Key.

2. Key type We choose an asymmetric type of RSA, follow the prompts next.

3, the passphrase settings, when connected to the server need to input, after the settings can be changed by SECURECRT.

Next, the key length, 2048.

4. The private key address and file name are saved here. Be sure to take care of it, it is best to back up the disk outside of the C drive. Identity is the private key, is the public key, the file content or file sent to operations to add server login permissions.

Method two using Xshell

1, open Xshell interface, Chinese interface convenient operation, menu bar: Tools--New User key Generation wizard

2, key type select RSA, key length Select 2048 bits, click Next to continue;

3. Quickly generate the public key pair, click Next to continue;

4, the key name can be customized, from a name you understand, or to keep the default, enter the key encryption password for remote login;

5, copy the generated public key, or save as a file, complete the key generation.

Using SECURECRT, Xshell to generate SSH login Linux public key under Windows system

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