Using Sogou to quickly enter special characters and expression character paintings

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Today's small series on the introduction of Sogou search method is a practical and personalized function: "Expression & symbol" input.

Why this function is practical and personal, because it not only covers a large number of special symbols such as punctuation, numerals, mathematics, Greek symbols, and so on, also preset hundreds of Sogou facial expression and character painting, in writing articles to do paper can quickly input the special characters needed, chat bubble forum can also be handy to express your feelings of lovely characters, It's cool, oh.

First, we look at Sogou input method have what "Expression & symbol"

First of all we use the right mouse click Sogou Pinyin Input Method navigation bar, or click on the navigation bar of the small pliers icon, in the Pop-up settings menu select "Expression & symbol" Open, here also prompted a quick call "expression & symbol" shortcut key: ctrl+shift+b (see figure I); This menu can see that this function is divided into four parts 1, sogou expression (see figure II), 2 special symbols, divided into 12 (see figure III), 3, character painting (see figure IV), 4, date time (see figure V).

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Two, how to use these character paintings?

Do you need to pull up this page for every time you enter a character picture? That's a lot of trouble! Small make up tell everybody, not so troublesome drop, sogou expression character painting can enter Chinese characters for fast input, special symbols in some symbols need to open the Settings page. Sogou expression and character painting in the output related pinyin when the default in the Fifth option, select 5 to get the corresponding results.

Example: Input "Haoa" the 5th candidate is "good" corresponding sogou expression; (see figure VI)

Figure 6

For example: the "left" 5th candidate is the special character corresponding to the "Left Direction Arrow" (see Figure Seven)

Figure 7

For example: Enter "Shizi" the 5th candidate is "lion" corresponding to the character drawing, the mouse put the option 5 can preview the effect. (See figure Eight)

Figure 8

For example: Enter "SJ" or "RQ" to draw your current system time; (see figure Nine)

Figure 9

Can I set my own expression or character picture?

This function is really cool, in the QQ Chat day, forum replies, can quickly input these emoticons characters, users also through the custom phrase to set their own needs of expression and character painting.

Right-click Sogou Pinyin Input Method of the navigation bar, or click on the navigation bar of the small pliers icon, in the pop-up menu click Set Properties, open to choose advanced; see Figure 10

Figure 10

Click on the custom phrase setting and select "Add new Definition" in the pop-up page to set it up; see Figure 11:

Figure 11

3, ① set abbreviation, that is, enter the abbreviation can be derived from the definition phrase; ② set the candidate location; ③ Enter the custom phrase you set. For example: the "despise you" expression set more personalized more personal; see Figure 12:

Figure 12

Click OK to add and save, it is easy to create a private character expression, custom phrases can also set long sentences, through a few English abbreviations input hundred Words of chat/forum commonly used statements, very convenient. For example, we just set the "pig Good despise you Yo" by entering "BS" 2nd candidate instant. See Figure 13:

Figure 13


How, this function is very cool! 12 kinds of special symbols can be said to cover the needs of all walks of life, digital/mathematical and so can make financial staff easy to make statements, phonetic Pinyin/English phonetic symbols and other signs can make the teacher more convenient production of electronic teaching documents, so that students easier to learn and input electronic courses and assignments; Date time more convenient to write documents/emails often netizens, sogou input method Hundreds of cool expression and character painting can let you chat and bubble forum more personalized more stylish. What are you waiting for? To download a fast typing the fastest users of the Sogou Pinyin Input Method Bar!

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple computer Tutorials Section

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