Using Speedtest to test speed under Linux

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Speedtest is an open source software for testing network performance, and installing Speedtest under Linux can be used to test the speed of uploading and downloading of network exits to help troubleshoot network failures.

Speedtest Introduction

Because the company several project users to respond to the slow response time, the project itself is not a problem, the service and call the interface return information is more normal, conjecture is the network caused by bottlenecks, resulting in user requests when the network response congestion, lengthening the response time. is a relatively broad web site for testing broadband speeds, and's work is not complicated: it loads JavaScript code in your browser and automatically detects the server closest to you, and then sends HTTP to the server Get and post requests to test the uplink/downlink speed.

However, when there is no graphical desktop (for example, when you remotely log on to a server via the command line or use an operating system that does not have a graphical interface), flash-based, user-friendly will not work. Fortunately, provides a command-line version of--SPEEDTEST-CLI. Below I will show you how to test the broadband connection speed using SPEEDTEST-CLI on the Linux command line.


GitHub Link: Official website:
Test the bandwidth of the local network exit, visit, click on the first page begin test, wait a few seconds, view the test results:

PIP Installation

Speedtest is written in Python, you need to install PIP before using Pip,

PIP Installation:

Yum Install Python-pip–y
Pip Install Speedtest-cli

Installation Complete Test

which SPEEDTEST-CLI | bash–

GitHub Installation
Pip Install Git+


git clone speedtest-cli/ install
Shell Installation
Wget-o speedtest-cli Https:// +x Speedtest-cli./speedtest-cli

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Using Speedtest to test speed under Linux

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