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1 Use SVN in eclipse:

I. Installation of subversion
First install the server-side program subversion1.x.x and the client program tortoisesvn-1.x.x.xxxx (two Web sites). Subversion needs to be installed on the server-side client, tortoisesvn as long as it is installed on the client. TortoiseSVN's language pack downloads and TortoiseSVN downloads are on the same page of their official website
If you use Eclipse and use Plug-ins, you don't need to tortoisesvn. Www.Svn8.Com


Two. The establishment of repository (the database to save each version of the document) must be built on the service side
1 Create an empty directory on the server side, such as "D:/svn/project1".
2) into the DOS
3) svnadmin Create--fs-type bdb d:/svn/project1
Svnadmin is an EXE program, the installation has been automatically added to the system path.
This selects the Berkeley database (BDB) as the type of the version library
You can also use the TORTOISESVN Client tool to create
D:/SVN is the location of the version library, you can take another name, another path, a version library can contain multiple items
Project1 is a project name,

Three. Configure repository on the server side, the main purpose is to control access rights and add users.
1) Open d:/svn/project1/conf/svnserve.conf
2 The following line before the # Remove, save
# anon-access = Read
# auth-access = Write
# password-db = passwd
3) Open d:/svn/project1/conf/passwd file
4) Add one line at the end
XY = 1
XY is username, 1 is password, replace
5 Multiple users will add more lines

Four. Start the Subversion server on the service side.
1) into the DOS
2) svnserve.exe-d-R D:/SVN
3 After the service starts, the client's connection request is monitored on the server-side 3690 port.
4 The function of the parameter is: when the client uses "Svn://xxx/project1" (XXX can be a server-side host name or IP) to access the server's repository,
The server will know that the repository path you want to access is "D:/svn/project1".
5 If I have two completely unrelated projects to version control, you can create an empty directory
"D:/svn/project2," and in which another repository was established,
At this point, the client can use "SVN://xxx/project2" To access the "C:/svnprojects/project2" under the repository.
6 If you want to register for window services,
Into DOS,
SC create Svnservice binpath= "D:/program files/subversion/bin/svnserve.exe--service-r d:/svn" Displayname= " Svnservice "Depend= Tcpip
Be sure to enter within one line
Svnservice is the name of the service, or it can be replaced
D:/program files/subversion/is the path that the server installs SVN to replace Bbs.Svn8.Com
7 If you want to unregister window services
Enter DOS
SC Delete Svnservice

V. Install Eclipse's SVN plugin on the client and install it almost without any configuration
The URL of the online installation method is Http://


Vi. at the client, first make sure the service is open, open the View, Window-> Show view-> the other-> svn-> svn repository
Right-click to create a new-> repository location-> Svn://localhost/project1, a resource pool appears.
Right-click, remove the-> as a new item and use the wizard to configure it. Select Yes
Java->java Project, Next->finish.
Seven, in the client, in Eclipse's left view of the project root directory folder, add files, and then
Submit and update under the folder or root path of the left view of Eclipse. (Right-click)
All operations are done within the Eclipse interface and are highly productive. More convenient than TORTOISESVN,
Note that the Eclipse configuration file is not submitted, that is, the two or three files that are automatically built into the project folder when you build the Eclipse project.
Because it is "removed as a new item".
Xieye 20080101
Linux installation Service side step: reference:

SVN Chinese web

Download the latest version of the Subversion source package from

Run after decompression


Make install
Create a database
/subversion/bin/svnadmin Create/home/sub_ku
Modify Configuration
/HOME/SUB_KU/CONF/PASSWD Add user and password (plaintext)
The/home/sub_ku/conf/svnserve.conf configuration is as follows
Anon-access = None
Password-db = passwd
Start a standalone service
You want to stop the service with the KILL command.
The default SVN port is 3690
At this point, you can use the client to access it.
2 Install ECLIPSE--SVN plugin (optional)
Installing the ECLIPSE--SVN Plugin



4. Submission of Works
4.1 Right-click Engineering-> Group-> Shared Items-> Select Svn-> Select svn:// (if not, create a new resource pool)-> next-> complete

SVN Chinese web

5. Download Engineering
5.1 In the SVN repository perspective, click Open svn://, will display all the works on the local SVN, right click the project you want to download-> check out for-> next-> complete

6. Basic operation
6.1 Sync
In the MyEclipse Java EE perspective, right-click the project you want to sync-> group-> and the repository synchronization-> will then enter the sync perspective, will show the contents of this machine and SVN have different files, double-click the file name, will show two files where different;
6.2 Submit
Under the sync perspective there is a gray Rightwards arrow indicating that you have changed the machine, right click on the file, you can choose to submit the operation;
6.3 Coverage/Update
Under the sync perspective there is a blue left arrow indicating that you have changed the machine, right click on the file, you can choose overwrite/update operation; Bbs.Svn8.Com

7. Icon Description
7.1 Gray Rightwards Arrow: locally modified
7.2 Blue Leftwards Arrow: Modified on SVN
7.3 Gray Arrow with a plus sign in the middle: more files on the local than SVN
7.4 Blue arrow with a plus sign to the left and center: SVN has more files than the local
7.5 Gray arrow with a minus sign in the middle: deleted locally, and the files not deleted on SVN
7.6 Blue Arrow with a minus sign on the left and the middle: svn deleted, while the locally not deleted files
7.7 Red double-headed arrows: SVN modified, locally modified files


8. Some of the error messages I encountered
8.1 In the above 3.2-step input URL (svn:// point next appears "Svnserve.conf:12:option expected" error
You open the 12th line in the svnserve.conf file, the error is due to the front of the line caused by the space, the left more space to remove it;
8.2 In the 3.2 step above the input URL (svn:// point next appears "Svn:// non-existent in Revision ' 7 '" error
URL is wrong, you should enter svn:// can
9.SVN service-side-based Operation statement with command line
9.1 Set up the/bin in the SVN Server installation directory to the environment variable;
9.2 Run SVN import c:/test svn:// "initial import" at the command line--username test--password passwd can upload operations
9.3 Go to the directory you want to check out, run svn checkout svn:// Test-password passwd to check out the operation at the command line
9.4 Run SVN commit test.txt-m "modified"--username Test-password passwd can commit at the command line

9.5 Run svn update-r head test.txt--username test-password passwd on the command line to update operations reference:

Note: The above mentioned can be replaced by extranet IP, or LAN IP can be (that is, at home to create an SVN server, you can in the company

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