Using the Angularjs language under ASP. (a): Hello your Name

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After the new Spring Festival, share the first tutorial.

is to teach a new friend to learn the new AngularJs language using ASP.

One, create a new empty Web project. Use NuGet to download AngularJs and jquery.
Two, configure BundleConfig.cs:

 Public classBundleconfig {//for more information on bundling, visit         Public Static voidregisterbundles (bundlecollection bundles) {//bundles. ADD (New Stylebundle ("~/bundles/css"). Include (//"~/content/css/angularvalidate.css"//            ));bundles. ADD (NewScriptbundle ("~/bundles/jquery"). Include ("~/scripts/jquery-3.1.1.js"                        )); Bundles. ADD (NewScriptbundle ("~/bundles/angular"). Include ("~/scripts/angular.js",               "~/scripts/angular-route.js"               )); }    }
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Three, configure Global.asax. Write the Application_Start () method to enable the Angularjs and jquery references above bundles.

 Public class MvcApplication:System.Web.HttpApplication    {        protectedvoid  Application_Start ()        {            Arearegistration.registerallareas ( );            Filterconfig.registerglobalfilters (globalfilters.filters);             true ;            Bundleconfig.registerbundles (bundletable.bundles);            Routeconfig.registerroutes (routetable.routes);        }    }
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Four, the project uses the ASP. NET MVC Framework layout:

Five, create a controller for ASP. NET MVC:

Six, under the project, create a ANGULARJS directory that will be used to store ANGULARJS code documents, such as apps or controllers. Create a new app.js below

Seven, create a view for ASP. NET MVC:

The above HTML program, has used the Ng-app,ng-model and ng-bing and other instructions, the actual explanation, can be officially explained.

Here's a demonstration of the program running interaction:

Using the Angularjs language under ASP. (a): Hello your Name

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