Using the DLT algorithm to solve the camera parameters and the position of the camera and the object (additional C + + and MATLAB code) __web

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Work needs to calculate the camera and the position of the object relationship, by colleagues introduced DLT, feel good on the study.

DLT Full name Direct Linear transformation

Specific algorithm description (English) in:

See the above DLT algorithm introduced, is very foggy.

This algorithm has 2 kinds:
A. A matrix of 11 times 1 needs to be computed without calculating the distortion coefficient (the given data is distorted).

B. The calculation of the distortion coefficient (the given data is the raw data) requires a matrix of 16 times 1.

(I directly use to distort the data, so currently only implemented a method).

Give it to the program.
(c + + code because the use of the Eigen library to the matrix to calculate the degree of simplicity to 1+1=2, if the long-term need to use the matrix of child shoe recommendations familiar with the use of Eigen library, and my previous Bovenri also have instructions eigen library configuration, the need for children's shoes look Consultation fee ~)

C + + code:

Matlab Code:

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