Using the Robotframework Automation Test series two-----environment construction

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Environmental construction is the basis of testing personnel, the essence is not difficult, follow the process and step by step, encounter problems do not worry, solve the problem more, you understand the more.

1. To install the Python environment, Python now has Python2 and Python3. Because Robotframe work development time earlier, we can only choose Python2. (When writing this article, the newest is 2.7.11)

The installation process is simple, remember to install the hook on the add path, or after the installation of the Python environment variables manually, the effect is the same.

At present, the newest Python installs the Pip,pip similar to Linux inside the Apt-get, can own the network to go to the software library inside searches the python needs the expansion package.

2. Install robotframework using the PIP command. The reference command is pip install Robotframework

3. Use PIP to install the graphical tool similar to the IDE. Command pip Install Robotframework-ride

4. Finally we install a third-party package to Robotframework. Pip Install Robotframework-selenium2library

5. Enter after completion or go to the Python installation directory c:/python27/scripts There will be a Run to open the program

(This step actually you run will prompt you also to install wxpython2.8 such a component, note can only install the old version 2.8. )

Problems that you may encounter in the installation:

To put it simply, you may encounter problems.

1. Novice just entered? After you install Python, the environment variable may not be set, and the cmd command line-in Python or PIP hint is not a command. Please Baidu how to set the Python environment variable.

2. Some versions of Python are earlier, or you are not a Windows system but Linux or OSX. You find that you don't have your own PIP. Then you need to search and install it. is the PIP website.

Installation of Setuptools Https:// is needed first. URL to you ....

The installation method is similar. The page also has a write. Basically is the decompression after entering the corresponding directory. Python install.

Note Download source source code installation. WHL is the PIP after the package. Install using the PIP command. (It is only the source before the PIP is installed)

In fact, the same source installation can also be installed in the Robotframe framework above. Just Pip is more convenient. There is software in the library that does not have to download the unzip compilation installed.

3. Finally, the open ride will prompt Wxpython not installed on the installation of the version of the hint 2.8. Pro-Test version 3.0 or above is not supported.

Basically, the environment is done here. You can create a new test suite later. Test cases. Write "code."

Using the Robotframework Automation Test series two-----environment construction

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