Using the server Studio JE based on Informix Dynamic server

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Brief introduction

Server Studio JE

Server Studio JE (Ssje) is an independent, java™-based integrated development environment for IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS). Server Studio helps you manage database tasks, such as storage management, performance tuning, process, and incident response management. In addition, it minimizes error-prone, time-consuming, command-line-driven management tasks. The integrated graphical console integrates the development, management, and maintenance activities of all IDs database servers, providing you with a centralized control point where you can maximize availability and performance regardless of the location of the data server.

Informix Dynamic Server

IBM Informix Dynamic Server is a complete and common relational database management system with excellent performance, high scalability, and low management costs. It provides a secure and reliable database environment and is best suited for online transaction processing. Its continuous availability and failover recovery capabilities help ensure continuous business operations.

IDS is known for its low maintenance costs. Use some of the latest features, including a Deployment wizard to reduce server memory footprint, a SQL API for managing activities, and a new data query scheduler for monitoring events and resources to reduce administrative costs more significantly.

Connecting Ssje to the IDS database

Connection Manager is a Ssje tool that you will use to define the connection between Ssje and IDs. It also helps you to assign connections to connection groups.

To create a new connection to IDs, follow these steps:

Select Connection Manager from the Tools menu.

In the General tab, specify the name of the new connection and select the version of IDs that you want to use.

Figure 1. Configuring connections

If you want, you can use the Group list box to assign this connection to a connection group.

Use the Database tab to provide server-specific JDBC connection parameters, including the server name, the hostname in which IDs is installed, the port that you are listening to, and the database that you want to connect to. The User ID and Password fields are optional and can be provided at connection time.

Figure 2. Database Settings

The Host Access tab allows you to provide configuration information to access IDs on remote computers using Telnet or SSH.

In this dialog box, use the test button to test the connection, and then use the Save button to save the new connection.

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