Using the wojilu framework to simulate the whole process of a website (Step by Step Using the wojilu framework to develop a website series-preface)

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Imitation websites and modeled websites

Imitation website-easy to read

Website modeled after-I read

Why do we need to copy this website?

To practice the new lightweight web development framework [my records], this website is relatively simple and suitable for beginners.

What is the wojilu framework and what is its characteristic?

Wojilu is A. net lightweight open source web development framework. It has the following features:

  1. A persistent layer framework wojilu ORM
  2. A lightweight template engine wojilu template
  3. A Web development framework, wojilu MVC (including verification code controls and upload with progress bars)
  4. It has an open-source integrated Demo that integrates functions such as CMS, forum, SNS, blog, album, and Weibo, and has a good demonstration function.
What do I need to write in this series of articles?

Share your experiences in using the wojilu framework to implement the website, and introduce and promote the wojilu framework, which is not the same as the wojilu framework tutorial, this series of articles focuses on how to use the wojilu framework to develop a website from start to end ideas and specific practices, as a supplement to the wojilu framework tutorial.



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