Using the WPS table to set up hyperlinks

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When we have encountered a better Web site, the site will often add the address to the Favorites folder, so that the next time to open quickly. However, the collection of more than the address, will look very messy, also not easy to find, why do we not use the WPS form to create a Web site navigation system? Follow their own layout to design, below I will teach you how to make.

Operation Steps

1, open the wps form, enter the name of the Chinese website in any one cell, also can according to own favorite definition. Then, in other cells, enter the name of the site you want to save, and the layout can be arranged at your own discretion.

2, the layout is OK, click a website name, mouse to move to the menu bar, click Insert-Hyperlink.

3, in the pop-up menu, fill in the text description, as well as the website address, the proposed first browser to open the site, the address to copy down, so as not to get wrong, click OK.

4. Use the same method to add hyperlinks to sites in other cells.

5, save this form, finished production. The next time you want to enter the website, you can enter it through the form.

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