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Recently, Microsoft's Black screen event has been abuzz with speculation. Online also appeared a lot of ways to crack, but in plug-ins, Trojans rampant on the internet, casual use of software often contains great danger. But have you thought about it? Using our usual download software thunderbolt can easily solve this problem, and very simple.

Step one: Turn off the Background Intelligent Transfer Service Right-click My Computer, select Manage, click Services under Services and applications, double-click the Background Intelligent Transfering Service, and on the General tab, click Startup type Drop-down list box, select Disabled, and then click the Stop button to stop the service

Step two: Turn off automatic Updates for insurance purposes, you can also open Control Panel, double-click Automatic Updates, and then select the "Turn off Automatic Updates" Item and click OK to confirm it (Figure 2), which will prevent the patch deployment feature of Windows XP itself.

The third step: Use the Thunder to the system patching after the operation, the system patch function has been banned. What if there's danger? Don't be nervous, we can first download and install the latest "Thunderbolt 5" from the, and then download and install the "Thunderbolt software Assistant" from the Http:// department. After the start of Thunderbolt 5, we can see the "System vulnerability Repair" item, click will open the Thunderbolt Software Assistant window. Click the bug Fix button on the toolbar to see the window shown in Figure 3 and we can use it to patch the system.

Small Tips

Thunderbolt has a new high-speed leak repair function, because high-speed download is the Thunderbolt's "skill". Moreover, the Thunderbolt uses the brand-new loophole repair engine, the speed and the stability has the bigger enhancement, we can enjoy the Thunder High speed patching service, moreover safe, high efficiency.

Fourth step: Always pay attention to the safety news

Of course, any contradictions can not be resolved to "Biching", for network security issues, but also which. Fortunately, there are now specialized corporate solutions to provide the corresponding solutions. So we have to keep an eye on security news sites and get a hand message. Once you have a problem, you can apply the solution in time.

More importantly, we just see Microsoft will have an important patch out to do the above, the patch "safely" hit.

Small Tips

Microsoft usually releases a security patch in the second Tuesday of the month, which is the practice of the company and is known as the "Tuesday upgrade". Given the time zone factor, should be in China every month in the second Wednesday release, we should pay more attention to. Of course, it is best to be able to keep an eye on it (consider using RSS feeds), because if the patch is urgent, Microsoft may "not follow the usual cards" to protect the user.

Fifth Step: note the software update

Beyond reproach, general software updates will always bring us more and more stable function, more importantly, there are many software now have loopholes, to our security problems. Although a lot of software provides us with the option of automatic updating, one by one it is not easy to remember the settings in it for non-computer experts. Now, we can easily solve this problem by using the Software upgrade module of Thunderbolt.

We just log in to the Reyou and the software for the collection, Thunderbolt once detected in the system has upgradeable software, will pop-up corresponding window prompts the user (Figure 4). After that, you will see the window shown in Figure 5, we can select the appropriate software, and then click the "Install Check Upgrade" button to upgrade it to the latest version.

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