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Reporting is a very energy-intensive process in software development. And the requirements of the report are very high. After we tried out a lot of professional reporting tools such as the Tianyu report (Crystal Reports), my friends and I were very curious about how to add this complex to our report application, but then more and more we felt that it was too complex to excite us and that the flexibility was not admirable, Kuuju, we have the idea of developing a new report component and enthusiastically developing it, which is the "Tianyu reporting component."

This article teaches you how to use the "Tianyu reporting component," and lets you have the urge to develop report tools and take some detours. In order to get the best results, it is best for the reader to have some basic development experience.

Brief introduction

The main features of the Tianyu report component:

You can set the report's main title, subtitle, footer, report details, and style, such as fonts, alignment, cell lines, border lines ....

You can dynamically select the columns that you report. Print out the contents of your recordset, grid table, and datasheet.

Column widths can be dynamically adjusted. Supports merged cells.

You can dynamically set the page margins, dynamically set the print format, horizontal mode

You can dynamically define a header, footer, table header, and table body. Insert date, page number, etc., set to print in draft, row number column, monochrome.

Print browsing settings: Scaling, paging browsing, page and so on.

Can save up to 8 files: Excel File | text File | Web page |*.dbf| WD1 (1-2-3) (*.WDL) | WKS (works *.wks) |*.wks| DIF (Data Interchange Format *.DIF) |*.dif


The Tianyu report has some of the following major advantages:

1 Quick Report Development tools

2 can be exported into a complex picture

3 The flexibility to set the report format by the user or the programmer

4) More than 7 formats of data preservation

5 The call is very convenient, minimal only two lines of programming code

6 The interface is generous, beautiful, powerful

Application Platform


Development tools


application Example

Dim Rpt as New Reopot6

Rpt.setgrid = MSHFlexGrid1


Tianyu Report Engine (PrintClass.dll))

It allows you to accomplish tasks such as merging data in a report file, converting reports to other formats, and so on. It is also because of the role of the reporting engine that the Tianyu report in can be converted into normal HTML format.

Generate a report file

Automatically generate multiple files such as the most common spreadsheet (Excel), Web page (HTML), text (TXT), and more.

Data Source

You can set up the objects of the report MSHFlexGrid, MSHFlexGrid, TDBGrid, DataGrid, Recordset, and provide the data by these objects.

Execution mode

Referencing the component through a programmer and setting the object of the report to be executed in the program

Other matters for attention

Although the Tianyu report setup has some cool features, such as scaling, page setup, and so on. However, he does not provide programmatic settings, most of which are done by end users, and Excel must be installed on the user's computer.

Tianyu report if not registered, then it can only use 30 times, 30 times, some features can no longer use. To avoid this, you are not not registering this product in Http:// (It's not like this, it can take a long time to not register, just can't provide support)

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