Using Uml-to-java in various versions of IBM Rational Software architect and related software

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Using Uml-to-java transformations in various versions of IBM Rational Software architect and related software

Introduction: This article shows how to apply the Java transformations included in the Ibm®rational®software Architect for interactive development in the context of the Design Contract Management Protocol (designing contract management Protocols). These protocols are specifically geared towards managing the relationship between the design model and the implementation code during the software development cycle.

In the Rational Software archictect V7.5 version, transformations that support the design contract management protocol have been introduced. The following is an introduction to some of the features of the transformation.

For simplicity, this conversion is described in the name of Rational Software Architect (RSA) in this article, but it is applicable to the following versions of Rational Software Architect, and the associated IBM® rational® products.

Rational Software Architect Realtime Edition

Rational Software Architect Standard Edition

Rational Software Architect for Websphere®software

Rational Software Modeler

The author assumes that you already know a version of the Unified Modeling Language (Unified Modeling LANGUAGE,UML) 2.0, Eclipse, Rational Software Architect, and Java development Basics, This article does not specifically show the details of UML Modeling and Java code implementation.

Process overview

Contains the development process for implementing transformations, consisting of the following basic steps:

Create a UML model that reflects the structure of the program.

Use UML to Java transformations to generate Java code based on a UML model that has been created.

Edit the generated code and run the business logic of the program.

Use the provided Java transformations to keep the UML model synchronized with the Java program.

Create a UML model for a sorting system

In Rational Software Architect, open the modeling view and choose File > New > Model Project from the main menu to create a new model item

Name the item as an order, and on the second page of the wizard, add a blank package named Order Model (see Figure 1) for the sorted item.

Figure 1. To create a UML Model wizard

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