Using unison to realize bidirectional real-time synchronization of data

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Introduction of Unison

Unison is a file synchronization tool available under Windows and UNIX platforms that enables two folders (local or network) to keep content consistent. Unison has the same characteristics as some other synchronization tools or file systems, but it has its own characteristics:

Cross-platform use;

No special requirements for kernel and user rights;

Unison is two-way, it can automatically handle two copies of the update does not conflict parts, there are conflicting parts will be displayed to let users choose to update the strategy;

As long as you can connect the two hosts, you can run unison, you can directly use the socket connection or secure SSH connection, the bandwidth requirements are not high, the use of a similar type of rsync compression transport protocol.

Unison has a text interface and graphical interface, which only describes how to use the text interface.

Second, install Unison

Unison various versions download address:


Unison compiler Download Address:

From the above address can download a variety of platforms, various versions of the Unison, there is based on the source code installed, there are binary, I downloaded the binary, you can directly use. Here is a description of the source code installation:

1: Source Installation Unison

Linux to compile from the source package installation, need a tool called Objective Caml compiler, version of at least 3.0 7, can download from here:

The OCaml installation script is as follows:

# TAR-ZXF Ocaml-3.09.3.tar.gz

# CD ocaml-3.09.3


# Make the World opt

# make Install

Unison is very high on the version, the two hosts that are synchronizing need the same version of Unison, so use a consistent version of Windows 2.13.16,unison-2.13.16.tar.gz

The installation script is as follows:

# TAR-ZXF Unison-2.13.16.tar.gz

# CD unison-2.13.16

# Make Uistyle=text

# make Install

The executable file unison will then be generated, and its CP to the system path.

# CP./unison/usr/local/bin

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