Using VBA to save multiple worksheets in Excel, select the region as a CSV file.

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It is often necessary to convert an Excel worksheet into a CSV file. The Save As function can only be used to operate on one worksheet, And the whole worksheet is always saved, for files with multiple worksheets, especially many files that do not need to be saved to the CSV file, this processing method will be very troublesome, therefore, VBA is used to save the selection area of multiple Excel worksheets as a CSV file. First, select the worksheet to be exported in Excel (the method is: Click to select the first worksheet, and then press Ctrl and then click another worksheet). Then, run the following VBA macro and macro Code As follows:

View sourceprint? 01. Option explicit
02. sub exportselectiontocsv ()
Dim wks as Worksheet
Dim newwks as Worksheet
For each wks in activewindow. selectedsheets
Wks. Copy 'to a new workbook
Set newwks = activesheet
With newwks
Application. displayalerts = false
. Parent. saveas filename: = "C:/temp/" &. Name ,_
Fileformat: = xlcsv
Application. displayalerts = true
. Parent. Close savechanges: = false
Next wks
16. End sub
The preceding VBA function saves the Excel worksheet to the folder C:/temp (which must already exist) and uses the worksheet name as the file name, the file with the same name will be overwritten (if a file with the same name exists ).

CSV is the comma separate value. This file format is often used as differentProgramThe format of data interaction between them.

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