Using VMware to install CentOS7 details please

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No more talking about driving directly, the passengers are sitting steady.

Preparation information:


Click to download CentOS

Yes, that's the information.

The first step, click on the file and then click New Virtual Machine

The second step, after clicking the new virtual machine will jump out of a window I generally choose a typical because it is more convenient and then the next

The third step,

Fourth step, version here to note because I installed CentOS is 64-bit so I chose CentOS 64-bit

Fifth Step,

Sixth Step,

Seventh Step,

Eighth Step,

Nineth Step,

The tenth step, just forgot to set this in the image, the network connection is set to bridge mode because the IP network segment of this virtual host can be automatically the same as the IP segment of your host.

11th Step, select the first and then enter and then wait for the installation

12th, select the language I chose Chinese you know, if you think your English is good can choose English

The 13th step, the other will be the default to help us choose, now we choose software selection, into the selection of black window or graphical interface mode

When you click Done, the source will automatically help you choose, so you don't have to worry about it.

After clicking on the installation location

The installation process is long enough to brew a cup of coffee first ...

A nice graphical interface comes out and the installation is over here.

If there is something wrong with the article, ask the gods to point out, lest fraught

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Using VMware to install CentOS7 details please

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