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Many netizens have asked questions about converting PDF files to DOC files. I have tried to find that Microsoft Office Document Imaging in Office 2003 is the most convenient to achieve this.

Step 1: Use Adobe Reader to open the PDF file to be converted, and then select the "File> Print" menu, in the print window that opens, set "name" in the "Printer" column to "Microsoft Office Document Image Writer". After confirmation, output the PDF file as a virtual print file in MDI format.

Note: If the "Microsoft Office Document Image Writer" item is not found, use "Add/delete component" on the Office 2003 installation disc to update and install the component, and select the Microsoft DRAW converter for the Office tool.

Step 2: run Microsoft Office Document Imaging and use it to open the saved MDI file. Select "Tools> send text to Word, in the displayed window, select "keep the Image Layout unchanged during output". After confirmation, the system will prompt "you must re-run OCR before performing this operation. This may take some time ", regardless of it, just confirm.

Note: the recognition rate for converting PDF files to DOC is not perfect, and the original typographical format will be lost after conversion. Therefore, you need to manually typeset and proofread it after conversion.

The above has only been tested in word2003. Other versions are not clear yet. You can try it on your own.


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