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In the entry of names, place names, often encounter some GB2312 outside the range of obscure words can not be entered, such as Yuanzhao, 羴, town, although the GBK font, but only support the Arial and bold, the system with the italics, imitation and many other fonts can not be well displayed. Although the Windows operating system also provides a word-making program, it is made of words that cannot be displayed in other people's computers and are not easily communicated. Therefore, we still borrow a sledgehammer to kill chicken, let WPS guest a character-making program.

With WPS, the main use of its "two lines in one" function. Here with the creation of our only Empress Wu Zetian, "Yuanzhao" as an example, introduce the specific method.

First of all, click on "Chinese Layout" in the start interface of the function bar and choose "Two lines in one".

Then in the Text pop-up box to enter a few words to merge, WPS will automatically split into the upper and lower parts of the merged into a word. For example, we enter "Ming-empty".

Click OK, show the word is not a little bit narrow? It's okay. We then click "Chinese Layout", select "Character Scaling", the "Zoom" item selected as "200%", click on the back to look at the word will become "wide".

In order to make good words with other words better to get along, we need to do further setup.

The first step: Right text Select "Set Object Format", click on the layout in the pop-up dialog box to change its "wrap style" to "inline" so that you can completely treat it as a "character", easily inserted anywhere in the document, and can be copied and pasted like normal characters.

The second step, if you need to change the font, font size, just select the word from the state to change the font and font size, and then use the mouse to adjust the text box adjustment point to adapt to the location and size can be. According to observation, if the text of other text is third, then the font size of each part of the word set to sixth is more appropriate, that is, smaller than the other text three font size.

At this point, a perfect "new word" manufacturing completed. and perfectly fit into the document.

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