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1. Import of workers ' lists

First, the employee list is exported from the employee nickname table to a column in a blank WPS table (just export the "name" column) (Figure 1).

Small tip:

If the nickname table software supports copying columns, just copy it directly. If you cannot copy, export commands can also be exported as a TXT list, and then imported into the WPS table.

 2. Fill Handle Generation instructions

Enter a half-width string "=" MD "&A1" in the table's B1 cell (excluding the enclosing quotation marks, note that there is a half-width space after MD). Next, double-click the black square fill handle in the lower-right corner of the B1 cell, and column B will be automatically populated with a column with a "MD" prefix (Figure 2).

  3. Export the second column content

Select all column B in the table to perform the copy operation. Next, create a new txt plain text file folder Builder. TXT ", double-click to open the new TXT file, perform Ctrl + V paste operation, the previous copy of the second column of the contents of all" clone "over. Save the file (Figure 3).

Select Open file name extension display from the Folder Options window and switch to save folder Builder. TXT "Explorer window, click on the file, click the" Rename "button to rename the TXT file extension to bat (Figure 4).

 4. One-click Build folder

After the work is done, simply "folder Builder." TXT file copy to the location where you want to create the folder, and then double-click to execute the file to generate all the employee folders in a few seconds (Figure 5).

Small tip:

If you want to create a mass folder in a local area network share folder, you need to map the LAN shared folder to a letter on the local computer, and then execute this bat file under this letter. Otherwise, the execution results will be disordered and the batch folder cannot be established in the predetermined location.

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