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In real life, when data is entered in the form, it is often necessary to set preconditions to avoid exceeding the data range. This can reduce the wrong input to some extent, mobile office, with the tablet input data has become a habit of many professionals, WPS Mobile version of the data validation function, just meet the form of data input when this demand.

The way to preset data validation in the WPS Mobile version is to create a new or open Excel table, a "S" icon on the finger point interface, and slide the navigation bar to the data area to the left, where you can see a data validation feature icon.

Next, MO to the above table example, to explain the WPS mobile version of the specific use of data effectiveness.

The names of the students ' grades have been entered, but the gender is usually set. However, in the WPS Mobile version, just select the cell in the gender, and then click the Data Validation button, under the "validation type", a mo See the default display as "Any value", that is, allow any value to enter, and here you need to select "sequence."

Then in the WPS Mobile version point "option 1", change it to "boys", while the "option 2" to "Girls", and then click the "OK" button. It is worth mentioning that in different types of tables, "sequence" is used differently, such as "department" or product type in an enterprise financial statement, to add more sequences by adding new options.

When you return to the table editing interface of the WPS Mobile version, switch to the edit navigation bar, click Fill, and then drag the down arrow below "sex" until all the cells are selected. At this point "sex under the cell, will pop up with" boys "," Girls "menu, direct selection can replace content input, convenient?

For each subject score and score, you can set an input range in the WPS Mobile version to avoid incorrect data entry. One division score between 0 and 100, while the total score is between 0 and 300. Mo first in Chinese score as an example, select the cell below the language, and then click the Data Validation button again.

Change the effectivity type to integer, set the minimum value to 0, set the maximum value to 100, and click OK to return to the WPS Mobile Table editing interface and select all cells using the previous drag fill feature. Also, set the input range for each cell in math, English, and total score (the maximum score is 300).

After you set the validity of the data, you can avoid illegal input when you enter data in the table. A Mo also tries to enter the test score in the student's score form, when the system will automatically check the correct validity of the data. If the data meets the criteria, allow input, and for data that does not meet the criteria, the WPS Mobile version prompts for an illegal input value, allowing a MO to re-enter.

Overall Rating: In the face of large tabular data, we will always inadvertently input errors, then there is no way to avoid this situation? Yes, that's using the data validation feature, and based on the examples in this article, have you learned to use the WPS Mobile version of data validation? Come on, move it! Make your own data table using the WPS mobile version.

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