Using WPS Mobile Edition to calculate weighted average value skillfully

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In the financial accounting and statistical work, the weighted average value is often obtained in Excel. For example, the product Sales appraisal form or the investment income profit statement will involve the weighted average calculation. The surface looks complicated, but it's not a very complicated calculation. A mo on the tablet with the WPS Mobile version, can easily get the weighted average value.

First of all, Mo wants to tell everyone what is called the weighted average, which is actually the total value (such as the amount) divided by the total number of units average, rather than simply the unit value (such as unit price) after the average of the unit value.

A MO test found that in the WPS mobile version, the weighted average can be computed using the SUMPRODUCT formula, in the form of =sumproduct (a1:a100,b1:b100)/sum (a1:a100), assuming a is a weighting, and B is a list.

For example, a company to purchase a batch of monthly, 2012 total Purchase 12 batches, each purchase quantity and price are not the same, then the average price of each product purchase is how much? At this point, the weighted average value is used to calculate.

The simple way to do this is to run the WPS Mobile version first, and then create a new and edited worksheet that you need, Mo. Here opens an edited list of companies that you have compiled, and then clicks on the blank cell below the weighted average.

When the virtual keyboard pops up, click the "T" small icon in the upper left corner, and then bring up the WPS mobile version of the keyboard, click on the keyboard "F (X)" button, and in the list of functions to select the "sumproduct" formula can be.

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When the Sumproduct formula prompt appears on the keyboard, the relevant parameters for the weighted average are entered according to the format, for example, MO has entered "=sumproduct (B3:B14,C3:C14)/sum (B3:B14)" On the keyboard in the WPS Mobile version, where B3 and B14 represent " The start and end columns of the quantity ", while C3 and C14 represent the start and end columns of the" price ".

When the SUMPRODUCT formula is entered correctly, press the ENTER key on the keyboard, and the WPS Mobile version will automatically calculate the weighted average. Mo saw that the weighted average in the table was shown as 10.26640693 (rounded to 10.27). Also, if you want to automatically round the weighted average to a two-bit decimal point, you can then apply the round function to complete it.

Overall Rating: In daily work, we often use the weighted average value, and a MO through WPS Mobile version for everyone to explain the case, presumably we already know the meaning of the weighted average. If you often contact a variety of forms, and need to always calculate the table of the weighted average, you may also use the WPS Mobile version of the statistics, the efficiency is very fast oh!

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