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For frequent contact with the form of friends, presumably they are the same as MO, often with the sum, to find the difference, the product, the average and other formulas to calculate the table data. In statistics, research, education and other fields, the average is the most commonly used formula Excel table, the following MO on the WPS Mobile version for you to explain an example.

First, make sure that you have the WPS Mobile version installed on your phone or tablet, and then open the Excel document that you have prepared beforehand. Of course, you can also use the WPS Mobile version of the new Excel document for editing. Here with a MO open a score table for example, the above has the results of each class, to get the average score of each student, at this time will use the WPS Mobile version of the "average" function, in fact, call the average function to calculate.

Select the cell below the average score and slide the WPS mobile version of the navigation bar with your finger to the left, where you can see an "auto Sum" icon and click on the "average" option.

It then pops up the virtual keyboard built into the WPS mobile version and displays the average function parameter to the right of the "123" logo. At this point the hand pointing to the virtual keyboard on the return key, a mo see John Students of the average divided into 86.2 points.

Again with the finger sliding WPS Mobile version of the navigation bar, the "Fill" icon, click on it, and select "Fill Down" or "drag fill" to complete the following calculation. Tip: If you select Fill down, you will need to keep selecting this option to populate the next cell.

A mo Here is the "drag fill", after the selection, there are four directional arrows, with your finger hold down the position of the arrow, and then drag down to the last classmate "average points" in the cell, OK, at this time WPS Mobile version has been automatically calculated all the students average score, is not very simple?

If you want to see the whole class's overall average score, of course, can not miss the WPS mobile version of the backplane quick viewing function. Open the table Backplane method is also very simple, long press the active cell to pull down at the same time can see the top of the table back plate, sum, average, etc.

Comments: In Excel table production, the average is often in the statistical results, market research, payroll calculation and tax processing, and other fields widely used, and WPS mobile version not only support Excel table production, its built-in "automatic summation" function, but also convenient for the tablet users to automatically calculate the average table data, It greatly facilitates the daily office of mobile users.

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