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Recently, a number of government departments have been conducting surveys on departmental wind reviews to monitor the efficiency of government departments. Questionnaires are produced by paper-based printing methods, pending the completion of questionnaires completed after the questionnaire to collect, statistics. In order to improve the efficiency, the unit is also ready to hold a tour of the wind appraisal activities. But because the unit and subordinate departments have a number of hundreds of people, if also take the paper printing method to produce questionnaires, it is a small amount of expenditure ah! What to do?

Now is not all advocating low-carbon environmental protection, after several ponders, in WPS Office 2012 is not new "form" function? Using WPS Office 2012 to make an electronic questionnaire, and then to send by email or through the QQ group share download is not very good? After the survey to download the electronic questionnaire completed, and then sent back by mail, not only save the printing paper, reduce the cost of expenditure, more important is to comply with the low carbon environmental protection concept advocated nowadays.

To do, first open WPS text 2012, pending the content of the inquiry will be completed, position the cursor after the answer that you want to select, click the Insert tab in the menu bar, and then click the check Box form field button in the form Ribbon (Figure 1), after the insertion completes, and then click form Field Shading Command cancels the form field shading, and then clicks the Protect Form field button. This way, when we click the checkbox with the mouse, we can switch between the selected and unchecked (Figure 2).

We can use the "Drop Down form Field" feature when you need to select two or more questions in the questionnaire. First, position the cursor to the answer location you want to select. When you click the Drop-down form field button in the Form Ribbon, WPS automatically inserts a form field, double-clicks the form field, and when the Drop-down form Field Options dialog box is activated, click the Add button in the dialog box. Then enter the selectable content in the selection box (Figure 3).

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