Using WPS to make the test paper template of standard All-in-one machine

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Now most of the middle school use one machine printing paper, the advantage is to be able to double-sided printing, saving paper.

According to my experience, the homemade school examination paper generally uses WPS2000. Because the layout of the test paper is fixed, the layout is not good words more than a paragraph of the words is not more than a piece of paper so simple, but a waste of hundreds of of questions.

WPS2000 text and objects are separately typeset, with higher flexibility and full compression space.

Features of this template:

① Standard 8 open print layout.

② add page numbers by column, in line with the paper typesetting rules.

③ Test paper Head is more orthodox, suitable for large and medium-sized examinations.

④ seal line is suitable for double-sided printing of All-in-one machine.

Here is the production process:

First, set the paper layout.

Start WPS 2000. Double-click the ruler space to open the Page Setup dialog box.

1. In the Paper Margin tab, change the "left" of page margin to 50 and check "right and left margin symmetry" (Figure 1)

2, and then switch to the "Paper Type" tab, set the paper specifications for 8 open, the paper direction for the landscape. (Figure 2)

3, switch to the "Layout" tab, set the number of columns to 2, column line style for solid line, color casually. (Figure 3)

When the settings are complete, make sure to return.

Second, the production of sealed columns

Formal test papers on the left side of the seal bar, to seal the line, class, name and other confidential information should be written in. We can use a text box combined with drawing tools to make.

1, the implementation of the "Insert → text box" command with the mouse in the left margin of the page to drag out a text box full of margins (Figure 4)

2, on the text box right click on the shortcut menu, click Object Properties. Click the "Border Style" tab, will be up and down the front of √ remove, while leaving both inside and outside to 0; Click on the "Edge endpoint" tab, set the edge type to empty line (Figure 5) and click "OK" to exit.

3, double-click the text box, into the editing state. Repeat the input character "※" with the soft keyboard until the character fills the entire text box. Enter the words "do not answer in the sealed line" (Figure 6)

4, click the document blank, exit the text box edit state and make the cursor at the first line of the document. Then execute the insert → separator → page break command to produce the second page of the document (Figure 7)

5, reduce the display ratio (Figure 8) generally 50% can be. In the text box, right-click on the pop-up menu to select "Copy" or use a keyboard combination

"Ctrl + C". Then scroll down the mouse wheel to the second page. Click the mouse so that the cursor is on the first line of the second page. Then, in the right-click menu, select Paste or keyboard combination "Ctrl + V", stick the text box, and then drag the text box directly to the margin of the right page. (Figure 9)

Small tip:

WPS2000 is not supported for cross page drag copying of images.

6, return to the first page. Double-click the left text box to make the text box in edit state, and enter the position on the top to produce 6 blank rows (Figure 10)

Then enter class, name, seat, adjust font size and ruler slide to make it beautiful in 135 lines (Figure 11).

In order to make the test paper more beautiful, we now execute the "Insert → graphics → rectangle" command, in the bottom of the class to draw a rectangle, and then press CTRL + Mouse drag copy to the name and the seat below.

Small tip:

You can hold down the SHIFT key and select the three rectangles, in the right-click menu, select Align → left alignment to make it neat and beautiful. Effects such as (Figure 12)

Third, draw the seal line

Seal line also known as binding line, in the examination after the need to seal the package, with a stapler in the seal line binding, easy to change the volume of water.

1, the implementation of the "Insert → one-line text → rectangle" command, in the page space to click the left button to drag will insert a single line of text (Figure 13),

Type the "secret" word, select "Object properties → fill Shadow → fill" in the right-click menu, change the font size to 5th, and make sure to return. (Figure 14)

Then use CTRL + Mouse to copy the two next to each other, such as (Figure 15),

Then change it to the words "seal" and "line" respectively.

2, the "Insert → graphics → line" command, hold down the left mouse button and "Shift" key, in the sealed bar and left the dotted line between the lines.

3, the three single line of text with the mouse to drag the right position on the line. (Figure 16)

Small tip:

In order to prevent the seal line and the sealing bar to move, use the selection tool to all box selection in this area, select "Combination" in the right key menu to rest easy.

Iv. production of paper head

The test paper includes the name of the school, the type of examination, the subject, the time, the assignment, the attention and the section of the column.

1. Enter text first (Figure 17)

2, select each row, in the right button menu "font" into the Font Settings dialog box (Figure 18)

3, set the 1th Act Song, flat type, small second number, set the 2nd Act in bold, a number, set 3rd behavior flat type. All the rest are default, click OK to return.

For beauty, select three lines and click the Center button on the toolbar. Effects such as (Figure 19)

4, the implementation of the "Insert → table → custom form" command, in the "Total number of columns" Set 2 lines 8 columns, click OK to return (Figure 20)

Small tip:

We can use the mouse to drag the table to the specified location, while the mouse points to the rightmost table, when the cursor becomes a double arrow, drag adjust the overall width of the table. Double-click the table to enter the edit state and break into text. (Figure 21)

Five, the paper page number making

Because WPS2000 does not support the column page number, it is done with "single-line text."

1, the implementation of the "Insert → single line text → rectangle" command, the page number with the mouse to drag out a single line of text box, enter the "1th page, a total of 6 pages" and other words, the font size set to fifth (Figure 22)

You can then copy the Single-line text to another page to change the page number. Overall effect preview:

Vi. Preservation

We can save this document as a template for ease of use. Click on "file → Save As template file" (recommended to save in the system default folder) file name "Standard All-in-one test paper template" Template name and summary of their own input, click OK to save. (Figure 23)

Now, we click on "file → create a new file", in the dialog box you can find the template file just saved (Figure 24)


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