UVA 10934 filled with water balloons

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Test instructions and ideas see:


My thoughts are:

First of all, the problem.

Translate the question into: define F[I][J] for the I water polo and J-Test opportunities, up to a few layers ~

Then there is the following transfer equation:

F[I][J] = f[i][j-1] + f[i-1][j-1] + 1;

The latter part is said to be selected in the first level K test, if broken, indicating that the boundary in the following layer.

So the choice of the K-layer, K maximum should meet K <= F[i-1][j-1] + 1; Because to ensure that once the water polo is broken in the K layer, all the layers below can be measured when there are i-1 balls and j-1 times.

The previous section said that the first test was chosen on the K-level, but the ball did not break. At this time the highest is on the basis of the K-layer, plus I ball and j-1 the opportunity to be able to measure a few layers ~ namely f[i][j-1];

So in the two parts, f[i][j] max is equal to F[i-1][j-1] + 1 + f[i][j-1];


#include <cstdio> #include <cstring> #include <iostream> #include <algorithm>using namespace Std;long long f[110][65];void init () {      memset (f, 0, sizeof (f));      for (int i = 1;  I < 64; i++) {for            (int j = 1; J <; J + +) {                  f[i][j] = f[i][j-1] + 1 + f[i-1][j-1];}}      } int main () {      init ();      int k;      Long long N;      while (scanf ("%d%lld", &k,&n)! = EOF) {            if (k = = 0) break;            k = min (k, n);            bool OK = false;            for (int i = 0; I <=, i++) {                  if (F[k][i] >= N) {                        printf ("%d\n", I);                        OK = true;                        break;                  }            }            if (!ok) printf ("More than Trials needed.\n");      }      return 0;}

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UVA 10934 filled with water balloons

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