UVA 812 Trade on Verweggistan

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Test instructions

To the W shelves, each shelf has bi goods, each time can only take the top of the goods, each goods have a value, all the goods are priced at 10.

Q: What is the maximum profit that can be obtained and how many goods will be required to obtain this profit. (only the first 10 outputs are available in multiple combinations)


At first I was pre-preprocessed the maximum value, and then the DFS find the number of scenarios, the results timed out, and later found that the complexity is O (w*bi), complete violence, can first the maximum profit per shelf to deal with, while processing out to obtain the maximum profit of the number of items required.

Then WA a few rounds, the first time is to find that they did not handle if the profit is negative, the result should be output 0 of the situation.

The second discovery did not deal with a shelf maximum profit of 0 can not take a situation.



1#include <cmath>2#include <cstdio>3#include <cstring>4#include <cstdlib>5#include <ctime>6#include <Set>7#include <map>8#include <list>9#include <stack>Ten#include <queue> One#include <string> A#include <vector> -#include <fstream> -#include <iterator> the#include <iostream> -#include <algorithm> - using namespacestd; - #defineLL Long Long + #defineINF 0x3f3f3f3f - #defineMOD 1000000007 + #defineEPS 1e-6 A #defineMAXN 100 at #defineMAXM 30 - #defineDD {cout<< "Debug" &LT;&LT;ENDL;} - #definePA {System ("pause");} - #defineP (x) {printf ("%d\n", x);} - #definePD (x) {printf ("%.7lf\n", x);} - #defineK (x) {printf ("Case%d:", ++x);} in #defineS (x) {scanf ("%d", &x);} - #defineSD (x) {scanf ("%lf", &x);} to #defineMes (x, D) {memset (x, D, sizeof (x));} + #defineDo (i, X) for (i = 0; i < x; i + +) - #defineDoD (i, X, L) for (i = x; I >= l; I-) the #defineDoe (i, X) for (i = 1; i <= x; i + +) * intW; $ intF[MAXN][MAXM];Panax Notoginseng intMax_ans, kcase =0; - Set<int>ans; theVector <int>G[MAXN]; + voidRead () A { theMax_ans =0; +      for(inti =0; i < W; i + +) -     { $scanf"%d", &f[i][0]); $  -         intsum =0; -         intMax_tmp =0; the g[i].clear (); -          for(intj =1; J <= f[i][0]; J + +)Wuyi         { thescanf"%d", &f[i][j]); -F[I][J] =Ten-F[i][j]; WuSum + =F[i][j]; -             if(Sum >max_tmp) About             { $Max_tmp =sum; - g[i].clear (); -             } -             if(Sum = =max_tmp) A G[i].push_back (j); +         } the         if(G[i].empty () | | max_tmp = =0) G[i].push_back (0);//!!! -Max_ans + =max_tmp; $     } the } the voidDfsintPosintnum) the { the     if(pos = =W) -     { in Ans.insert (num); the         return ; the     } About  the      for(inti =0; I < g[pos].size (); i + +) theDFS (POS +1, Num +g[pos][i]); the } + voidShow () - { the     intCNT =0;Bayiprintf"workyards%d\n",  ++kcase); theprintf"Maximum profit is%d.\n", Max_ans); theprintf"Number of pruls to buy:"); -      for(Set<int>::iterator it = Ans.begin (); It! = Ans.end () && CNT <Ten; It + +, CNT + +) -printf"%d", *it); theprintf"\ n"); the } the voidSolve () the { - ans.clear (); theDfs0,0); the Show (); the }94  the intMain () the { the      while(SCANF ("%d", &w) &&W)98     { About         if(kcase) printf ("\ n"); - read ();101 solve ();102     }103     return 0;104}
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UVA 812 Trade on Verweggistan

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