[UVa11729] Commando War

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"Waiting for orders we held in the wood,

Word from the front never came

By evening the sound of the gunfire was miles away

Ah softly we moved through the shadows, slip away through the trees

Crossing their lines in the mists of the fields on our hands and our knees

And all that I ever, is able to see

The fire in the air, glowing red, silhouetting the smoke on the Breeze "

This is the most poetic and passionate about the UVA topic is rare Brief Encounter

The hermit didn't think of the previous days Qzy seniors sent to read the poem recorded the idea of AC this problem more reluctant to refer to the complete

Thinking for a long while, finally some clues to win

In the final analysis, this is not a problem to be praised, but some of the details can enlighten the thinking

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[UVa11729] Commando War

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