Uvalive 5135 Mining Your Own Business Dual connected component 2011final

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Test instructions:n tunnels are connected by a number of points, each of which links two connection points. There is a maximum of one tunnel between any two connection points. The task is to install as few Taiping Wells and escape devices as possible in these connection points, so that no matter which connection point collapses, workers can escape from other Taiping Wells for minimum installation quantities and solutions.

Idea: in fact, the subject is equivalent to in an undirected graph, coated as little as possible black spots, so that arbitrarily delete which points, each connected component at least one black point. Since there is at most one common point for different connected components, it must be a cut point. It can be found that the black cut point is not cost-effective, and in a point-the double-connected component of the black two dark spots are not cost-effective. So only when the point-to-double connectivity component has only one cut point, it needs to be applied, and it is a non-cut point to be blackened.

2011 Final question, the idea is not very good understand, with the practice again yy a bit to understand

1 //struct ID is used to reduce the number, a little discrete effect. But commented out after a short run time, AC2#include <cstdio>3#include <stack>4#include <vector>5#include <map>6#include <algorithm>7#include <cstring>8 using namespacestd;9typedefLong LongLL;Ten  One structEdge { A     intu, v; - }; -  the Const intMAXN =100000+Ten; - intPRE[MAXN], ISCUT[MAXN], BCCNO[MAXN], Dfs_clock, bcc_cnt;//the bccno of the top cut is meaningless. -vector<int>G[MAXN], BCC[MAXN]; -  +Stack<edge>S; -  + intDfsintUintFA) { A     intLowu = Pre[u] = + +Dfs_clock; at     intChild =0; -      for(inti =0; I < g[u].size (); i++) { -         intv =G[u][i]; -Edge e =(Edge) { - u, v -         }; in         if(!pre[v]) {//No access to V - S.push (e); tochild++; +             intLOWV =Dfs (v, u); -Lowu = min (Lowu, LOWV);//update yourself with the low function of the descendant the             if(LOWV >=Pre[u]) { *Iscut[u] =true; $bcc_cnt++;Panax Notoginseng bcc[bcc_cnt].clear (); -                  for(;;) { theEdge x =s.top (); + S.pop (); A                     if(BCCNO[X.U]! =bcc_cnt) { the Bcc[bcc_cnt].push_back (x.u); +BCCNO[X.U] =bcc_cnt; -                     } $                     if(BCCNO[X.V]! =bcc_cnt) { $ Bcc[bcc_cnt].push_back (X.V); -BCCNO[X.V] =bcc_cnt; -                     } the                     if(x.u = = U && x.v = = v) Break; -                 }Wuyi             } the}Else if(Pre[v] < Pre[u] && v! =FA) { - S.push (e); WuLowu = min (Lowu, pre[v]);//update yourself with a reverse edge -         } About     } $     if(FA <0&& Child = =1) Iscut[u] =0; -     returnLowu; - } -  A //struct ID { + //Map<int, int> m; the //int cnt; - //ID (): CNT (0) {} $ //int get (int x) { the //if (!m.count (x)) m[x] = cnt++; the //return m[x]; the //    } the //}; -  in intMain () { the     intKase =0, N; the      while(SCANF ("%d", &n) = =1&&N) { Aboutmemset (PRE,0,sizeof(pre)); thememset (Iscut,0,sizeof(Iscut)); thememset (Bccno,0,sizeof(BCCNO)); the          for(inti =0; I < n2; i++) g[i].clear (); +Dfs_clock = bcc_cnt =0; -  the //ID ID;Bayi          for(inti =0; I < n; i++) { the             intu, v; thescanf"%d%d", &u, &v); - //u = id.get (u); - //v = id.get (v); theu--; thev--; the G[u].push_back (v); the g[v].push_back (u); -         } theDfs0, -1);//The s is guaranteed to be empty after the call, so do not empty the  theLL ans1 =0, Ans2 =1;94          for(inti =1; I <= bcc_cnt; i++) { the             intcut_cnt =0; the              for(intj =0; J < Bcc[i].size (); J + +) the                 if(Iscut[bcc[i][j]]) cut_cnt++;98             if(cut_cnt = =1) { Aboutans1++; -Ans2 *= (LL) (Bcc[i].size ()-cut_cnt);101             }102         }103         if(bcc_cnt = =1) {104ANS1 =2; theAns2 = bcc[1].size () * (bcc[1].size ()-1) /2;106         }107printf"Case %d:%lld%lld\n", ++Kase, ans1, ans2);108     }109     return 0; the}
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Uvalive 5135 Mining Your Own Business Dual connected component 2011final

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