UWA June Live Season | 6.29 The optimization case in the Unity UI module explaining

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Last night, the UWA two anniversary of the final charge of the last play "Unity UI module optimization case explaining" as promised, UWA popular host Zhang Qiang in the UI module common performance problems are analyzed comprehensively, and from (1) How to reduce the interface rendering cost and (2) How to reduce the cost of updating the interface , and avoid the peak of two angles to analyze the respective advantages and performance bottlenecks of Ugui and Ngui, as well as the main ways to improve performance.

Performance optimization is the ingenuity of developers, and UI optimization requires ingenuity. In terms of UWA's optimization experience, 90% of projects have varying degrees of UI performance issues. To this end, the small part of the full video review, I hope you learn through the temperature, the Unity UI Module performance Optimization has a more comprehensive control.

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By Tiger Technology developed by the game/VR application performance optimization platform, currently provides 1) performance detection and Optimization 2) resource detection and Analysis 3) UWA GOT three major tools. At the same time, we will develop more worry about the function for you, hope that through them can reduce the developer repeatedly test location problem time, thus will more focus on the project development and solve problems, can save for the project development of any one minute, is the pride of UWA team.

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