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* @ Author Kaibo Hao Immutable class that uses defensive copying


Public final class Period implements Serializable {

Private Date start;

Private Date end;


* @ Param start

* The beginning of the period

* @ Param end

* The end of the period; must not precede start

* @ Throws IllegalArgumentException

* If start is after end

* @ Throws NullPointerException

* If start or end is null


Public Period (Date start, Date end ){

This. start = new Date (start. getTime ());

This. end = new Date (end. getTime ());

If (this. start. compareTo (this. end)> 0)

Throw new IllegalArgumentException (start + "after" + end );


Public Date start (){

Return new Date (start. getTime ());


Public Date end (){

Return new Date (end. getTime ());


Public String toString (){

Return start + "-" + end;


// Remainder omitted

// ReadObject method with defensive copying and validity checking

Private void readObject (ObjectInputStream s) throws IOException,

ClassNotFoundException {

S. defaultReadObject ();

// Defensively copy our mutable components

Start = new Date (start. getTime ());

End = new Date (end. getTime ());

// Check that our invariants are satisfied

If (start. compareTo (end)> 0)

Throw new InvalidObjectException (start + "after" + end );



Guidelines for writing a bulletproof readObject method


Anytime you write a readObject method, adopt the mind-set that you are writing a public constructor that must produce a valid instance regardless of what byte stream it is given. do not assume that the byte stream represents an actual serialized instance.

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