Validator Problems and Solutions brought about by ASP. net ajax official edition

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After upgrading to the official version of ASP. net ajax, it is good news that recompilation is normal and there is no need to make any changes. However, problems may occur during execution.

Because the Validator classes compatible with UpdatePanel are deleted in the official assembly, the required classes cannot be found during TagMapping. If you have not used Validator in your project, specifically, Validator is not used in UpdatePanel, you only need. delete the following element in the config file.

Elements to be deleted:


If a friend uses the Validator compatible with UpdatePanel, you don't have to worry about it. Matt James has provided a solution. From his article, we learned that compatible Validator will upgrade the. NET Framework through Windows Update. Although I don't know why, it seems that we can only accept this. For the moment, we need to download those Validator, compile this project, and copy the obtained Validators. dll to the Bin directory of the website. Add or modify the following elements in the configuration/system. web/pages node of web. config --

Document. write:

       Validators"/> >Validators"/> Validators"/> Validators"/> Validators"/> Validators"/>

In general, the officially released version has not been significantly modified, so it is easier to port the Control Toolkit without trying it ).

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