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Various file extensions and open methods ------ it's a little long, it's okay to spend more time ,:)
Open extension file type
. AIFF audio file Windows Media Player
.!!! NetAnts temporary file NetAnts
. Ani animated mouse
. ARJ compressed File ARJ
. AVI Movie File Windows Media Player
. AWD fax document
. Bak backup file
. Bas BASIC language basic
. Bat DOS batch file processing
. Bin Mac binary code file stuffit expander
. BMP image file drawing/View Software
. Cab compressed file WinZip
. CDR Corel picture file Corel Draw
Files created after. Chk Scandisk check can be deleted
. Com doscommand file self-execution
. Cpx cryptapix encrypted image file cryptapix
. Cur static mouse
. Dbf database file dBase, FOXBASE, access
. Dll application extension
. DOC file word
. DWG AutoCAD file AutoCAD
. EPS illustrator image file Adobe Illustrator
. EXE execution file self-execution
. Fon font file
. GB country code file Antarctic star Text Processing
. Get getright: temporary file storage
. Gif 256-color image file drawing/View Software
. GZ compressed file WinZip for Unix or Linux
. Hqx Macintosh file stuffit expander
. Htm Web Browser
. HTML Web Browser
. ICO icon
. Ini configuration settings notebook or WordPad
Install IPX plug-in the. IPX demo File Browser
. Jiff image file drawing/View Software
. JPEG compressed image file drawing/View Software
. Jpg compressed image file drawing/View Software
. Js Javascript
. Lnk shortcut connection file program
. M3u Winamp playlist Winamp
. Mid audio file Windows Media Player
. VOD QuickTime Image File quick time
. MP3 compressed music file Winamp
. MPEG image Windows Media Player
. Mpg image Windows Media Player
. Njx Antarctic Star document Antarctic star Text Processing
. PCB electronic circuit diagram design file Protel PCB
. Pdf portable document format, including image text, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Acrobat Reader
. Pm5 PageMaker 5 typographical file Page Maker
. Ppt Power Point file Microsoft Power Point
. PS ghostscript
. PSD Photoshop file Adobe Photoshop
. Pub publisher typographical file Microsoft Publisher
. QT QuickTime Image File quick time
. RA Real Audio audio file Real Audio
. Ram Real Audio image file Real Audio
. Rar compressed file WinRAR
. RSF richwin font file
. Sch electronic schematic design file Protel schematic
. Scr screensaver File
. Sea Macintosh Startup File
. Sit compression stuffit expander
Install the Macromedia Flash plug-in on the. SWF Flash Animation File Browser
. Sys System File
. Tar UNIX compressed file WinZip
. Tif high quality image file drawing/View Software
. Tiff high quality image file drawing/View Software
. Tmp temporary files can be deleted
. TTF font file
. TXT text file notebook or all text processing systems
. Vbs Visual Basic programming file Microsoft viasual basic
Install vivo plug-in Viv vivo Image File Browser
. Vqf compresses the audio file Yamaha soundvq player
. Wav uncompressed audio file Windows Media Player
. Wk1 Lotus 123 trial software file Lotus 123, Excel
. Wq1 Q-Pro trial calculation software file Q-Pro, Excel
. WRI write text document word
. Xls Excel trial software file Microsoft Excel
. Z unix compressed file WinZip
. Zip compressed file WinZip
Image files:
BMP windows or OS/2 bitmap
CLP windows clipboard
Cup dr. Halo
DiB windows or OS/2 Dib
EMF Windows Enhanced Meta File
EPS encapsulated postscript
Fpx flash pix
GIF compuserver
IFF Amiga
IMG Gem Paint
Jpg jpeg-jfif compliant
LBM deluxe paint
Mac paint
MSP macrosoft paint
PBM potable bitmap
PCT Macintosh PICT
PCX zsoft paintbrush
Pic pc paint
PNG Portable Network Graphics
PPM portable pixelmap
PSD Photoshop
PSP Paint Shop Pro Image
Ras sun Raster image
Raw EAW File Format
Rle windows or compuserver RLE
SCT scitex Continuous Tone
TGA truevision Targa
TIF Tagged Image File Format
WMF Windows Meta File
WPG wordpefect bitmap
Role document used by Microsoft Proxy
. Ace
A compressed file with a compression ratio of more than WinRAR. You can use tools such as WinACE to open the file.
System Management Configuration
Audio Compression management driver, which provides encoding and decoding functions for various audio formats in Windows
Same as. ACM, but saved locally
. Ade
Microsoft Access Project Extension
Blank Project template for Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access Project
Audio files can be compressed and can be played using Windows Media Player and QuickTime player.
Use Windows Media Player to play audio files.
. Aifc
Use Windows Media Player to play audio files.
Use Windows Media Player to play audio files.
The animation cursor file extension, such as the animation Hourglass.
. Ans
ASCII character graphics and animation files
. AP
Application Files exist in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro System software.
. App
Application Files exist in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro System software.
. Arc
An earlier compressed file can be opened using WinZip, WinRAR, pkarc, and other software.
Compressed file. You can use WinZip, WinRAR, pkarc, and other software to open
. Art
Image format is the most commonly used image format in United States online. If Windows 2000 is used, you must install a patch to view
ASCII text files, which can be processed by all types of Word processing components. Some systems may also use these file extensions to indicate that the file contains image information.
Data Files or screen files from Lotus 1-2-3
Video Streams supported by Microsoft Media Player can be played using Windows Media Player
. Ash
The assembly language contains files, similar to. H files in C/C ++.
Source program files in assembly language, which are generally compiled using MASM or turbo ASM.
. Asp
Microsoft Video Stream files can be opened using Windows Media Player
. Asp
The Active Server Page proposed by Microsoft is a server-side script, which is often used for large-scale website development and supports database connections, similar to PhP. It can be written using Visual InterDev, which is currently a hot topic
Shortcuts for Windows Media files
. Au
It is a commonly used audio file format in the Internet. It is mostly created by the Sun Workstation and can be played using the software waveform hold and modify. Liveaudio in Netscape Navigator can also play the. Au file.
. Avi
A Windows multimedia file format that uses Microsoft riff specifications to store sound and mobile images.
Fax browsing document for fax display
Fax keyword Browser
Fax signature Browser
. Adm
Adm_auto File
. B64
Base64 encoded file, which can be WinZip encoded
. Bak
A backup file is generally an auxiliary file created automatically or by using commands. It contains the latest version of a file and has the same file name.
. Bas
The source program file of the basic language, which can be compiled into executable files. Currently, the basic development system is Visual Basic.
. Bat
A batch file, in a MS-DOS, A. BAT file is an executable file consisting of a series of commands that can contain calls to other programs
Electronic notice board system article information file
Windows briefcase
. Bin
Binary files. Their usage depends on the system or application.
Bitmap bitmap file, which is a paint format developed by Microsoft. It can be supported by a variety of windows and Windows NT platforms and many applications. It supports 32-bit color, the resource file format used to create icons for the Windows interface.
. Bw
It is a black-and-white image file format that contains various pixel information.
. C
C-language source program file, compiled and used in C Language
. Cab
The compressed package format customized by Microsoft is usually used by software installation programs. It can be decompressed by extract.exe and supported by WinZip and WinRAR.
AutoCAD graphics file
. Cal
Calendar files in Windows
. Cbx
Tag files exist in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro software.
. Cda
CD audio tracks saved on audiocd
Channel file of Internet Explorer
A graphical file format in CorelDraw. It is a graphical image file format that can be used by all CorelDraw applications.
Index files exist in the software environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro.
. Cfg
Configuration files, system or application software files used to configure your own functions and features
Compiled HTML files are often used to create help files and electronic documents.
File format in the clipboard in Windows
. Cmd
For Windows NT/2000, The batchcompute file function is the same as the BAT file function, just to be different from the bat in DOS/Windows 9X.
Sound Card standard music files, FM synthesizer, etc. can be played back
Netmeetting meeting connection file
The index file of the online help file directory, which is usually stored together with the. HLP file of the same name.
. Col
A color palette file format created by Autodesk animator, Autodesk animator por, and other programs. It stores the RGB values of various items in the color palette.
. Com
DOS executable command file, usually smaller than 64 KB
Fax cover File
Fax cover File
International Code Page, used to provide the code page information of the corresponding country
Control Panel extension file, used in Windows
. Cpp
C ++ language source program, a very powerful language, with corresponding development systems on various platforms
Card files in Windows
Card files in Windows
Certificates for security
Text Files separated by commas (,) are generally used for data exchange between different applications.
. Cur
The format of the cursor resource file in windows, which can be edited by the cursor editing software.
Text/CSS files
. Dat
Data files, used in applications
. Dat
The image sound file in the VCD can be called by the VCD playback software or played on the VCD server.
Database files generated by database processing systems, such as FOXBASE, dBase, and Visual FoxPro
. Dcx
Fax browse document files
Image files, dup, HD, IMG, and other tools can be expanded
. Dev
Device Driver
. Dib
A device-independent bitmap file, which is a file format designed to ensure that bitmap images created by an application can be loaded or displayed by other applications.
. Dir
Directory files
. Dll
Windows dynamic Connection Library, almost everywhere, but sometimes due to different versions of DLL conflicts will cause failure of a variety of questions and kicks
. Doc
Is the document created by the word processing software in Microsoft Office, which has the highest market share.
. Dos
Some system files for Windows-retained MS-DOS
. Dot
Microsoft Word document template files. templates can simplify the creation of Common Format documents, and embedded VBA programs can be used to implement some automation functions.
Device Driver file, used in various systems
Drawing files of AutoCAD are also supported by many drawing software and are often used to share data.
. Dxb
Format of a graph File Created by AutoCAD
Graphical interchange format, a computer-aided design file format, was originally developed for use with AutoCAD to facilitate the transfer of graphical files between applications. It stores graphics in ASCII format, very precise in displaying the size of the image
. Der
Certiticate File
TXT file
The 32-bit extended Metafile format developed by Microsoft is designed to be supplemented in Microsoft Windows 3.1 (Win16 *. WMF file format is insufficient, making it easier to use metafiles.
A graphical file format described in PostScript Language. It is saved as a text file and can print high-quality graphic images on the postscript graphic printer. It can represent up to 32-bit graphic images.
. Err
Compilation error files exist in DBASE, FOXBASE, and FoxPro software environments.
. Exe
The executable file, although with the same suffix, has different formats and versions
. Exp
Display Card Driver used by 3DS
. Exc
TXT file
. Fky
Key macro files exist in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro software.
Animation files of Autodesk animator and animatorpro, which support 256 colors and the largest image cable is 64000*64000. They support compression and are widely used in animation sequences in animated images, computer-Aided Design and computer game applications
Saved Search Results
. Fon
Dot Matrix font files
FORTRAN program
. Fot
Shortcut Key pointing to font
. Fp
The configuration file exists in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro software.
The remarks field file exists in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro software.
Report files exist in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro software.
. Frx
Report files exist in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro software.
. Fxp
The compiled program exists in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro software.
. H
C source program header file
Windows application Help File
. Hqx
Binhex is used in Macintosh to encode binary files into 7-bit text files. Most Macintosh files appear in. hqx (. Bin is rarely used ).
In Macintosh, you can use stuffit expander to decode. hqx and binhex 13 in windows.
. Ht
Super Terminal
. Htm
Saves text files in hypertext description language to describe various web pages and opens them in various browsers.
. Html
Same as the. htm file
Image Color description file
The icon file in Windows can contain multiple formats of the same icon. It is created using the icon editing software.
MIDI instrument Definition
. Idx
Index files are stored in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro software.
File exchange format file. This file format is mostly used on the Amiga platform. on this platform, it can store almost all types of data. on other platforms, IFF file formats are mostly used to store images and sound files.
. Image
The Macintosh disk image file, which is commonly used at the Pingguo FTP site and processed by shrink wrap in the Macintosh
. Ime
Input Method file in Windows
. Img
Disk image files, with HD-COPY, winimage and other tools can be restored to a disk
. Inc
The assembly language contains files, similar to. H files in C/C ++.
. Inf
Install the software and driver in Windows according to the installation information in the file.
. Ini
The initialization information file in windows is not used much. The new application will save the settings in the registry of the system.
. Jar
A new version of ARJ, which is not very popular. It can be opened using winjar or WinRAR.
A type of image compressed file, same as .jpg
. Jpg
The static image compression standard developed by the static image expert group has a high compression ratio and is widely used. It can be created using Photoshop and other image processing software.
. Job
. Jfif
JPEG file
Keyboard layout File
A graphic file format used in deluxe paint. The encoding method is similar to *. IFF.
. Lnk
Shortcut. This file points to another file. Each project in the program folder of the Start menu is an lnk file.
. Log
Log files are usually used to record some events and so on.
. Lzh
An ancient compressed file that can be opened using WinRAR
. Mac
A gray image file format used in the Macintosh, which is used in the Macintosh paintbrush, the resolution can only be 720*567
. Mag
Graphic File Format
Dialer10callingcard (phone card file)
MCI command set
The database format used by Microsoft Access is a very popular desktop database.
. Men
Memory application files exist in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro software.
. Mid
Audio compressed files have been very popular, but few files are currently used in software.
MIDI Instrument
Microsoft Mail, rare
. Mnt
Menu files exist in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro software.
. Mnx
Menu files exist in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro software.
. Moov
The video format of QuickTime or apple. It is played by software such as sparkle, fastplayer, and movieplayer on the Macintosh, and can be played by QuickTime on Windows.
. Mov
Movie files in Apple * s QuickTime format are played by software such as sparkle, fastplayer, and movieplayer on the Macintosh, and can be played by QuickTime on Windows.
. Movie
The video format of QuickTime or apple. It is played by software such as sparkle, fastplayer, and movieplayer on the Macintosh, and can be played by QuickTime on Windows.
. MP3
Using MPEG-1 layout 3 standard compressed audio files, is the main online compressed audio files, this file due to the high compression rate and low distortion characteristics, is currently the main file format of music piracy, however, it is currently challenged by new standards such as vqf and WMA.
. Mpg
Using MPEG-1 standard compression of video files, and the VCD format is very similar, provide CD quality audio signal and 320*240 video resolution, the current media playback software can play, microsoft's wmv8 and MPEG-4 compressed AVI files are its strong competitor
A graphic file format used in Macintosh
. Msg
Microsoft email documentation
An animation file format in animator pro. It contains a bitmap image.
Microsoft Network files
. Mmm
. Mlv
MPEG file
. Mak
Mak File
. Man
Application/X-trof-man files
. MPa
MPEG file
MPEG file
Microsoft Internet news message
Object Code
. Opt
It is the format of the Graphic File Created by animator pro.
Because the software features a lot and the memory is too small, the executable files that cannot be fully transferred to the memory at a time may have OVL files with the same file name
Office. binder.95
. Obt
Office. Binder. Template
. Obz
Office. Binder. Wizard
. Ofn
Office. file. New
. Qic
Microsoft backup policy
Query files in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro software.
. Qpx
Query files in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro software.
. QT
The QuickTime video format of machizer is played by Sparkle, fastplayer, movieplayer, and other software on the Macintosh. It can be played by QuickTime in windows.
. Qtm
Animation files. These file formats are developed by Apple computer companies and supported by Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows platforms. They support 25-bit colors, a maximum image resolution of 64000*64000, and compression, used to save audio and motion video information
. Que
. Rar
The compressed file format provided by WinRAR has a compression ratio greater than zip, and provides more functions.
. Rec
Windows recorder macro file
. Reg
Windows 95 System and Application Registration files, which are stored in plain text files, but have version issues. The reg file versions used by different operating systems are different.
. RIf
Rich Text Format
A compressed bitmap file format. The RLE compression solution is an extremely mature compression solution, featuring no loss of compression, which saves disk space and no loss of image data, however, it takes more time to open such compressed files. In addition, some apps with poor compatibility may not be able to open
. Rm
In Windows, RealPlayer supports video compression files, streaming video files that are very popular on the Internet, and many real-time video news files use this format. However, the latest Windows Media video V8 has launched a powerful offensive against it.
MIDI audio sequence File
. Rtf
Enrich text format files, describe content in plain text, and save information in various formats. You can create files by using a text version or word.
. Ra
Readaudio File
. Ram
Readaudio File
. Rnk
Rnk File
. Rpm
Audio/X-PN-RealAudio-plugin Format File
. Sav
Archive files
Used for Internet dial-up users in windows and script files for automatic dial-up login, which can avoid tedious keyboard input during manual login.
. Scr
Barrier protection File
Screen files, used in environments of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro Software
Screen files, used in environments of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro Software
. Set
Microsoft backup set file, used to save the content to be backed up, settings, and other information
A shortcut pointing to a document
. Shs
Fragment. You can drag and drop a piece of text from the tablet to create a fragment on the desktop, but it is of little value.
Mac audio files, the audio file format developed by Apple Computer, are supported by the Macintosh platform and a variety of Macintosh applications, and support certain Compression
Postscript printer description file
Query files in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro software.
SVG is currently the most popular image file format. It is developed by the worldwidewebconsortium Based on XML, and SVG is a scalable vector image.
. Svx
The audio file format developed by Commodore. It is supported by Amiga platforms and applications and does not support compression.
Flash is a product of micromedia. Strictly speaking, Flash is an animated editing software, and Flash is used to produce an animation with a suffix of .swf. This format of animation can express rich multimedia formats with a relatively small volume, and it can also reach a realm of "water and milk" with HTML files.
Virtual Memory swap file, used by the operating system
. Sys
System files and drivers are defined in different operating systems.
Excel. SLK
. Sit
Application/X-stuffit Format File
. Taz
Tar files compressed in. Z format
. Tbk
Temporary database files are used in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro software.
Image files. The structure of this file format is relatively simple. It belongs to a common format of graphics and image data, which has a great influence in the multimedia field, is a preferred format for computer-generated image conversion to television
. Tgz
. Tif
Same as tiff
. Tiff
Image files: The image format is complex, the storage content is large, and the storage space is large. The size of the image is three times that of the GIF image and 10 times that of the corresponding JPEG image. It was first popular in Macintosh, currently, mainstream Image Applications in Windows support this format.
. Tmp
Temporary files are generally temporary files generated by the system and application. When the System and Application exit, the temporary files created by the system and application are automatically deleted. If the temporary files exit abnormally, temporary files may be stored on disks and can be deleted immediately in a single task system. In a multi-task system, temporary files that are not in use should be deleted.
Translate files
Telephone Service Provider
You can use fontview. EXE to view TrueType-format font files.
. Txt
Text Files
TTC File
. Tar
. Url
Internetshortcut (URL Shortcut on the Internet)
ULS File
. Vbx
Microsoft Visual Basic controls
CD image file created by the virtual Optical Drive Tool
. Ver
Version Description: A file used to describe the version information of a software. The content varies with the software.
Sound file, which is developed by creative labs and supported by windows and DOS platforms and supports compression.
. VxD
Virtual Device Drivers are very common in windows and are important system files.
Vir File
Visio. drawing.4
. Vss
Visio. drawing.4
Visio. drawing.4
. Vsw
Visio. drawing.4
. Wab
The communication book file, which is used by the communication book program in the system.
. Wav
Audio file, which is a resource format used to save Audio Information on windows. In Windows, it is played by waveform hold and modify, Navigator, or "Media Player". There are many encoding methods, the corresponding decoder is required to play the video.
. Win
Window file, used in the environment of dBase, FOXBASE, and FoxPro Software
A common primitive file format in Microsoft Windows. It has the characteristics of short files and pattern shaping. The entire image is often spliced by an independent component, however, the image is often rough and can only be edited in Microsoft Office.
Board document conversion
WPS Text files are available in multiple versions and can be opened Using WPS Office or WPS 2000
. Wri
Windows Wordpad document
Word. addin
. Wbk
Work. Backup
. Wiz
Word. Wizard
Microsoft email address book
. Xbm
An animation file format created by animator pro. It contains information about a series of points used to describe a polygon.
. Xif
Documents generated under xifimage
. Xla
Excel. addim
. Xlk
Excel. Backup
. Xlc
Excel. chart.5
. Xlb
Excel. sheet.5
. Xlc
Excel. chart.5
. Xlt
Excel. Template
Excel. vbamodule
. Xlw
Excel. Workspace
. Xll
Excel. Xll
Excel. Macro. Sheet
. Z
A compressed file.
. Zip
It is the most common File compression format in DOS/windows and a standard compression format on the Internet. It can contain paths and multiple files.

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