Varnish, squid, Apache, Nginx cache comparison < turn >

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1.Squid, very old reverse proxy software, with traditional proxy, authentication, traffic management and other advanced features, but the configuration is too complex. It is currently the most Internet application of the reverse cache proxy Server, working on the big old Cdn.

2.Varnish is a new software, simple design, more in line with the current application of the Internet, many companies have adopted varnish this software, such as micro-Bo Openapi Varnish is based on the memory cache, and the data disappears after the reboot.

3.nginx Nginx Reverse Proxy cache is implemented by a module real Proxy_cache, the module is still in perfect, but many companies have started to use.

There are always people in the group asking what the cache uses, there are varnish,squid,apache,nginx these kinds, in the end is what we use the architecture cache.

1, from these functions. Varnish and squid are professional cache services, and Apache,nginx These are third-party modules to complete.

2, to do the cache service, we must choose a professional cache service, the first choice squid and varnish.

Varnish's own technical superiority is higher than squid, it uses the "Visual page Cache" technology, in memory utilization, varnish than squid has advantages, it avoids squid frequently in memory, disk Exchange files, performance than squid high. Varnish is not able to cache to the local hard drive.

There is also a powerful management port through the varnish, you can use regular expressions to quickly and bulk clear part of the cache

Squid's advantage lies in the complete and huge cache technical data, and a lot of application production environment (this should be related to squid early out).

3, talk about Nginx,nginx is a third-party module Ncache to do the buffer, its performance basically reached varnish, but in the framework of nginx generally as a reverse (static files are now with nginx many, concurrent can support to 20,000 +). In a static architecture, if the front-end directly facing the CDN live front of the 4-layer load, completely with the Nginx cache is enough.

4, I think if it is in the Apache service to improve performance, do some local cache is completely possible, but if the system architecture with Apache cache service, it is a bit of bull head is not the ponytail.

Test results we can find, varnish > Nginx > Apache > Squid, I think this result, root everyone expected results a bit out of the way, because squid do old file cache tool How so bad, squid's hit rate is low, I looked on the internet a bit , many people are like this, this may be the root of personal configuration has a relationship, perhaps the real master, in order to let squid play the greatest skill.

Varnish, squid, Apache, Nginx cache comparison < turn >

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