VB code to modify the partition serial number of the hard disk

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Who said VB is weak? Look at this program!

Originally, a commercial application of mine was cracked ~~~ The program only hides some key registration information in the registry. After disassembly, it is easy to crack. I thought of modifying the serial number of this hard disk partition to hide some key information, though only four bytes. As a dynamic internal authentication code. The external authentication code is obtained through the encrypted computing of the physical serial number of the hardware ID hard disk.

These operations increase the decryption complexity and have some effect. It is mainly because the process of operations on partition table information files increases the complexity of disassembly and cracking.

(Note: the code is non-critical technical code for security reasons)

Option explicitprivate declare function getdrivetype lib "Kernel32" alias "getdrivetypea" (byval ndrive as string) as longprivate declare function implements lib "Kernel32" alias "Callback" (byval nbufferlength as long, byval lpbuffer as string) as longprivate sub chkdrive_click () cmbdrive. clear if cbool (chkdrive. value) then dim objdrive as new clsdrivetype call objdrive. Executedriveudisk else call form_load end if end subprivate sub cmbdrive_click () dim OBJ as new diskserialnumberchanger txtserial. TEXT = right ("00000000" & hex (obj. getdriveserial (cmbdrive. text), 8) dim objdrive as new clsdrivetype Lab (2 ). caption = objdrive. getdrivetypename (cmbdrive. text) end subprivate sub cmddrive_click () '* Central error handling on error goto proc_err dim strmessage as string dim Sserial as strin G Sserial = txtserial. text if Len (Sserial) <> 8 then strmessage = "non-four-byte hexadecimal character" msgbox strmessage, vbexclamation goto proc_exit end if Dim objbin as new clsbin if not objbin. ishexbytelen (Sserial) Then strmessage = "non-four-byte hexadecimal character" msgbox strmessage, vbexclamation goto proc_exit end if Dim OBJ as new diskserialnumberchanger if obj. changedriveserial (cmbdrive. text, clng ("& H" & txtserial. text) then if OBJ. getfilesystemname (cmbdrive. Text) = "FAT32" then msgbox "modified successfully! Read and verify that "else msgbox" is modified successfully! Perform read verification. The system file & vbcrlf & _ "is in NTFS format. After the computer is restarted, the system fails to read and verify" end if else msgbox! "End if '* end subroutine proc_exit: Exit sub' * error handling, displays error information proc_err: msgbox" errnumber: "& err. number & vbcrlf & _ "errdescription:" & err. description & vbcrlf & _ "module:" & "clsrs" & vbcrlf & _ "procedure:" & "cmddrive_click" Goto proc_exitend subprivate sub form_load () call executedriveudisk dim SINFO as string SINFO = SINFO & "NOTE: When the hard disk serial number is formatted, it is allocated by the Windows operating system. "& Vbcrlf SINFO = SINFO &" if the system file format is NTFS, it takes effect after restart. "& Vbcrlf SINFO = SINFO &" Author: Duan Liqing (Lee) QQ: 14035344 "& vbcrlf SINFO = SINFO &" url :: http://www.duanliqing.kudo.cn "& vbcrlf Lab (3 ). caption = sinfoend sub


Author: Lee QQ: 14035344

If you need this little tool to change the drive letter hard drive serial number, you can either Q me or send an email to my mailbox duanliqing@sohu.com

Hard Disk serial number modification tool: http://good.gd/759048.htm

Hard Disk serial number modification tool v1.0.0.2: http://good.gd/760680.htm

Hard Disk serial number modification tool v1.0.0.7: http://good.gd/765073.htm

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