VBA macros in Excel tables help you split the numbers in two cells conditionally

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The Excel worksheet has two numbers in A1 cells and B1 cells. These two numbers are a bit the same, now you want to find the same number and write to cell C1, find the numbers in the A1 that are not in the B1 and write to the cell D1, find the numbers in B1 that are not in A1 and write to cell E1.

As in the following worksheet picture:

I don't know whether the numbers given are the same rule, that is, the number of the first raw data is the same as the previous number of the second original data. If this is the case, then the following code can be given to this specific example:

Sub Separatenumber ()

Dim Strfirst as String

Dim Strresult as String

Dim Startnum as Integer

Dim Endnum as String

Dim I As Integer, J As Integer

Strfirst = Left (Range ("B1″), 1)

Startnum = INSTR (1, Range ("A1″), Strfirst)

j = 1

For i = Startnum to Len (Range ("A1″)

Endnum = Mid (Range ("A1″), I, 1)

If Endnum = Left (Range ("B1″), J) Then

j = j + 1

End If

Next I

If J > 1 Then

strresult = Mid (Range ("A1″), Startnum, i-1)

End If

' The data in cell C1

Range ("C1″"). Value = Strresult

' The data in cell D1

Range ("D1″"). Value = Left (Range (A1″), StartNum-1)

' The data in cell E1

Range ("E1″"). Value = Right (range (B1″), Len (range ("B1″)"-j)

End Sub

The code is simple, using just a few VBA functions.


In fact, the code can be further simplified because VBA also has an array function (the Split function).

If you want to make it generic, you can convert the above code into a custom function and replace the hard-coded code with a relative amount.

A number in two cells if you don't follow the rules mentioned above, you might have the same number in the middle of two cells, and the rest of the numbers in one cell, or the middle part of the number in the other cell, and so on.

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