VBS Tutorial: VBScript statement-Randomize statement

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Randomize statement

Initialize the random number generator.


NumberA parameter can be any valid numeric expression.


RandomizeUseNumberParameter initializationRndThe random number generator of the function, which is assigned a new seed value. If omittedNumber, Use the value returned by the system timer as the new seed value.

If you do not useRandomize, The first callRndWhen a function (without parameters) is used, it uses the same number as the seed value, and then uses the final generated value as the seed value.

Note:To repeat the sequence of random numbers, call it using numerical parameters.RandomizePreviously, it was called immediately with a negative value ParameterRnd. Use the sameNumberValueRandomizeThe previous random number sequence cannot be repeated.

The following example illustrates how to useRandomizeStatement:

Dim MyValue, ResponseRandomize'Initialize the random number generator.Do Until Response = vbNoMyValue = Int (6 * Rnd) + 1 )'Generate1To6Between.MsgBox MyValueResponse = MsgBox ("Roll again? ", VbYesNo)Loop

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