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Kingsoft interface library is an interface library based on directui technology, which is quite different from interfaces such as BCG and Xtreme toolki. BCG and Xtreme toolki are both interface libraries extended based on MFC, all controls are based on Windows, while directui is implemented by means of self-Painting and Paster. Generally, interfaces are described through xml configuration files, modifying resources and configuration files can easily change the style of the interface and make better-looking interfaces. Currently, popular client applications are implemented based on directui technology, for example, QQ, 360, and thunder. There are also many commercial and open-source directui interface libraries, such as thunder bolt, Kingsoft interface library, duilib, and uipower, I personally think that directui technology is suitable for simple development interfaces, but it is suitable for applications with high aesthetic requirements. BCG and Xtreme toolki are suitable for developing complex applications, for example, developing a code editor is definitely more suitable for BCG and Xtreme toolki.

2. Supports the buttons for transparent PNG images (which can be used as a cbitmapbutton upgrade ):


This project uses gdiplus

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