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OICQ has become the world's most fashionable chat, instant Messaging tools! For it, many programmers write related gadgets, like some Oicq chat aids, Oicq password picker, chat Viewer, and so on, for different purposes.

Its time, I also for QQ this good dongdong more obsessed, but in the use of the process has always found that there are some situations I do not want to see. For example: In Internet cafes, crazy QQ, your chat record, your QQ number all stay in the Internet Café machine. At this point, you leave from the Internet bar. Another chat QQ, may later this person likes to engage in mischief, with some gadgets, your QQ number and password to steal, for has been used. Or look at some of your chats and explore your privacy, which is obviously not what you want. Maybe, at this time you will think, this is nothing, I just put the QQ number that folder to delete it. Yes, this is really a good way, but there is still a problem can not solve, that is, your QQ will remain in the QQ Login dialog box, then what should you do? This article is about how to achieve clear login number!

I do not know the careful QQ users noticed no, in the QQ home directory has a DAT folder, under this folder has a file named Oicq2000.cfg. This document is the existence of the machine on the number of QQ numbers, each number of the length of the value, each specific number! Here is a detailed description of the file and explain how to use the program to achieve clear!

The following example is the contents of the file on the author's machine: (the number is the author's QQ number of the contents of the 16-value representation)

00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 08 00 00 00 35 33 37 34 38 38 37-36

The contents of the above file are one byte per two bits.

The first 9 bytes is the number of QQ number on this machine, the maximum value is 999,999,999 (many bar) then three bytes 00 00 00 This is the separator. Next is a byte data 08, the current QQ number of the length of several, 08 for 8 bits, and then the separator, and then use the length of the number of bytes to store the actual QQ number of ASCII code value! If there are more than one, then the following storage separator (3 bytes), QQ number Length (1 bytes), Delimiter (3 bytes), actual number, etc. ......

The sample code looks like this:

struct Qqhead
unsigned char head[9];//total number of QQ numbers 9 bytes
unsigned char spea[3];//separator, 3 bytes
};//oicq 2000.CFG header Structure
Qqhead thishead
//m_filename is the name of the file to be manipulated, that is, oicq200.cfg, which stores the QQ completion path
Ofile. Open (M_FILENAME,CFILE::MODEREAD,&FE);//Opens Oicq2000.cfg file
ofile. Read (thishead.head,9), reading the file header, QQ number
long i,sum=0;
int number;
for (i=0;i<8;i++)
Number= Thishead.head[i];
sum=sum+number*10^ (7-i);
}//number of QQ numbers
CString Str,stritem,leng;
unsigned char len[1];
Char stritem1[99];
Ofile. Read (thishead.spea,3); read out the delimiter
for (i=0;i<sum;i++)
ofile. Read (len,1); read out the length of the QQ number;
Ofile. Read (thishead.spea,3);  read out the delimiter
Ofile. Read (Stritem1,number);
Stritem1[number]= ';
CListBox *plist;
plist= (CListBox *) GetDlgItem (IDC_LIST1);
Str. Format ("%s", stritem1);
Plist->addstring (str);//loop insert list and show it

The above code reads and removes all QQ numbers from the Oicq2000.cfg file and displays the functionality in the ListBox control. I believe the reader has already read it!

Of course, to achieve the function of my software, is in the listbox double-click a QQ number on its removal from the OICQ2000.CFG function, the reader's reference to the data structure should soon be completed!

Know the above principle, then we can write the following code snippet to complete from the file read and stored in the file of the program! (The sample code is part of the code for the software I published.) QQ Login Number Scavenger is the author I write a completely shared QQ gadget, software download address for Http:// can also be found in the CSDN Web site registration software, link address for the Http://! software implementation environment for VC++6.0,WINDOWQS server operating system, Celeron 667,30g hard drive, 128M RAM.

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