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/O1 minimize space
/OP [-] Improve floating point consistency improve floating-Pt consistency
/O2 maximum speed maximize speed
/OS OptimizationCodeSpace favor code space
/OA assume there is no alias assume no aliasing
/OT preferred code speed favor code speed
/Ob Inline expansion (default n = 0) Inline expansion (default n = 0)
/Ow assume that the cross-function alias assume cross-function aliasing
/OD disable optimization (default) Disable optimizations (default)
/Ox maximization option. (/Ogityb2/GS) Maximum opts. (/ogityb1/GS)
/Og enable global optimization
/Oy [-] Enable framework pointer to omit enable frame pointer Omission
/OI enable the built-in function enable intrinsic functions

-Code Generation-
/G3 is 80386 optimized optimize for 80386
Optimize optimize for 80486 for 80486
/GR [-] Enable C ++ rtti enable C ++ rtti
/G5 optimize for Pentium
/G6 optimized optimize for Pentium Pro
/GX [-] Enable C ++ Exception Handling (same as/ESCS) Enable C ++ EH (same as/ESCS)
/EHS enable synchronous C ++ Exception Handling enable synchronous C ++ eh
/GD optimizes optimize for Windows DLL
/GB for mixed model optimization (default) Optimize for blended model (default)
/EHA enable asynchronous C ++ Exception Handling enable asynchronous C ++ eh
/Gd _ cdecl call Convention _ cdecl calling convention
/EHC extern "C" Default Value: nothrow extern "C" defaults to nothrow
/GR _ fastcall call Convention _ fastcall calling convention
/GI [-] Enable incremental compilation enable incremental compilation
/GZ _ stdcall call Convention _ stdcall calling convention
/GM [-] Enable minimum rebuild enable minimal rebuild
/GA for Windows Applications Program Optimize optimize for Windows Application
/GF enable string pool enable string pooling
/Qifdiv [-] Enable Pentium fdiv to fix enable Pentium fdiv fix
/GF enable the read-only string pool Enable Read-Only string pooling
/Qi0f [-] Enable Pentium 0x0f to fix enable Pentium 0x0f fix
/Gy separates the linker function separate functions for linker
/GZ enable runtime debugging check enable runtime debug checks
/GH enable hook function call
/Ge force stack check for all functions force stack checking for all funcs
/GS [num] disable stack check call disable stack checking CILS

-Output file-
/FA named assembly list file name Assembly listing file
/FO name object file
/Fa [SC] configure the Assembly List configure Assembly listing
/FP naming precompiled header file name precompiled header file
/FD name. PDB file name. PDB File
/FR name source browser file name source browser File
/Fe name the executable file name Executable File
/FR name extension. SBR file name extended. SBR File
/FM name ing file name Map File

/FI naming forces include file name forced include file
/C does not extract the comment don't strip comments
/U remove the predefined macro remove predefined macro
/D {=|#} definition macro define macro
/U remove all predefined macros
/E directs preprocessing to standard output preprocess to stdout
/I add to the search path containing files add to include search path
/EP directs preprocessing to the standard output. do not include the row number preprocess to stdout, no # Line
/X ignore "standard location" Ignore "standard places"
/P preprocessing to file preprocess to file

/Zi enable debugging information
/ZL ignore. the default omit default library name in OBJ. OBJ
/Zi enable the "edit and continue" feature of debugging information Enable Edit and continue debug info
/ZG generate the function prototype generate function prototypes
/z7 enable legacy debugging information enable old-style debug info
/zs only performs syntax check only
/ZD only requires line number debugging information line number debugging info only
/VD {0 | 1} disable/enable vtordisp
/ZP [N] Wrap the structure pack structs on n-byte boundary on the N-byte boundary
/Vm pointing member pointer type of pointers to members
/za disable extension (/OP) disable extensions (implies/OP)
/nobool disable "bool" keyword disable "bool" keyword
/ze enable extended (default) enable extensions (default)

/?, /Help print this help message
/C is compiled only, compile only, no link
/W is not linked to set the warning level (default n = 1) set warning level (default n = 1)
/h maximize external Name Length Max external Name Length
/J default char type is unsigned
/nologo undisplay copyright message suppress copyright message
/wx considers the warning as an error treat warnings as errors
/TC compiles the file. c compile file. c
/YC creation. PCH file create. PCH file
/TP compiles the file. CPP compile file. CPP
/Yd stores debugging information in each. put debug info in every in OBJ. OBJ
/TC compiles all files. c compile all files. c
/TP compiles all files. CPP compile all files. CPP
/YU used. PCH file use. PCH file
/V sets the version string set version string
/Yx automatic. PCH file automatic. PCH
/W disable all warnings
/ZM maximum memory allocation (% by default) Max memory alloc (% of default)

/MD and msvcrt. Lib link with msvcrt. Lib
/MDD and msvcrtd. Lib debugging Library link with msvcrtd. Lib debug lib
/Ml and libc. Lib link with libc. Lib
/MLD and libcd. Lib debugging Library link with libcd. Lib debug lib
/MT and libcmt. Lib link with libcmt. Lib
/MTD and libcmtd. Lib debugging Library link with libcmtd. Lib debug lib
/LD create. dll create. dll
/F set the stack size set stack size
/LDD create. dll debugging library create. dll debug libary
/Link [Linker Options and libraries] [Linker Options and libraries]

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