VC skill set (4)

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VC skill set (4)
He zhidan

1. Reading the program often needs to see where the value of this variable has changed.

CTRL + F searching is too troublesome
Add const to the variable
Error reported in the changed location

2. check whether a function is called by those functions.

1. In the debugging status, view-> debug window-> call stack
2. Select called by from the shortcut menu of Class View.

3. display the time on the far left of the status bar

Static uint indicators [] =
Id_separator, //
Int cmainframe: oncreate (maid)
... M_wndstatusbar.setpaneinfo (1, id_separtor, sbps_normal, 60 );
// Menu Response Function
Void cmainframe: ontest ()
Ctime T;
T = ctime: getcurrenttime ();
Cstring STR = T. Format ("% H-% m-% s ");
M_wndstatusbar.setpanetext (0, STR );

4. Simulate the mouse

: Setcursorpos (INT) ptmouse-> X, (INT) ptmouse-> Y );
: Mouse_event (mouseeventf_leftdown, 0, 0, 0 );
: Mouse_event (mouseeventf_leftup, 0, 0, 0 );
: Mouse_event (mouseeventf_leftdown, 0, 0, 0 );
: Mouse_event (mouseeventf_leftup, 0, 0, 0 );

5. What is word and DWORD?

Typedef unsigned short word
Typedef unsigned long DWORD

6. Mobile controls

Cwnd * pwnd = getdlgitem (idc_button1 );
Crect R;
Pwnd-> getwindowrect (& R );
R. Left + = 50;
R. Right + = 50;
Pwnd-> movewindow (R );

7. How to Make cedit in the dialog box respond to the Enter key and press enter?

Getdlgitem (idc_edit1)-> setwindowtext ("111/R/n22 ");
Right-click attribute
Choose sytle-> multiline
You 'd better select want return.

8. convert C language into assembly

VC ++ provides this feature.
Project-> Settings...
C/C ++ Tab
Category: Choose listing files
Listing file type:
Select "assembly with source code"

9. How to obtain the CPU time consumed by the process?

Bool getprocesstimes (handle hprocess, lpfiletime lpcreationtime, lpfiletime lpexittime, lpfiletime lpkerneltime, lpfiletime lpusertime );

10. How can I get the icon corresponding to the extension through the extension?

Shgetfileinfo (path, ATTR, & SFI, sizeof (shfileinfo), shgfi_usefileattributes | shgfi_icon | shgfi_typename );
How can I change the border of the dialog box by hour to make it change proportionally? Like what kind of wm_sizing message does the video playback software process?
Void ctest 1dlg: onsizing (uint fwside, lprect prect)
Cdialog: onsizing (fwside, prect );
If (fwside = wmsz_bottom) | (fwside = wmsz_top ))
Prect-> right = prect-> left + (prect-> bottom-prect-> top) * 2;
Prect-> bottom = prect-> top + (prect-> right-prect-> left) * 0.5;

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