VC talk about the problems that must be solved in Business plan book

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VC talk about the problems that must be solved in Business plan book

If all the entrepreneurs have consciously considered and answered these questions, it will be much easier.

Here are the questions that should be answered:

1 What is your vision?

* What is your vision?

* What problems are you going to solve? Who's the object?

* What kind of person do you want to be in the future?

2 What are your market opportunities? How big is the market?

* How big is your target market? How fast is the development?

* How mature or immature is the market?

* Do you have the capital to become the top two or three in this market?

3 Introduction of your products and services * What is your product or service?

* Solve the user's what problem?

* What's so special about your product or service?

4 Who is your user?

* Who is the current user?

* Who is the target user?

* What is the ideal user?

* Who will pay?

* Introduce an example of a specific user

5 What is your value proposition?

* What value do you provide to the user?

* Using/Buying your product, what is the rate of ROI of the user?

What kind of problem have you solved?

* Are you selling vitamins, aspirin, or anti-inflammatory drugs? (Luxuries, good things, or necessities?) )

6 How do you sell?

* What is the sales process? How long is the cycle?

* What are your sales and marketing guidelines?

* What is your current sales chain?

7 How do you attract customers?

* How much will it cost each user?

* is the fee different at different times? Why?

* What is the permanent value of the user?

8 Who is your management team?

* Who is on your management team?

* What experience do they have?

* What are the missing links? What's the plan to make it up?

9 What is your income model?

* How to make money * your income model * How do you want to be profitable?

10 Where are you progressing now?

* Where are you now? Technology/Product? Team? Finance/revenue?

* What is the progress now? Are the status and prospects clearer?

* What are your plans for the future?

11 What is your SME financing plan?

* What investments have been made?

* How much investment would you like to receive? What is the ratio?

* Where is the money used?

* How long can the funds be supported? Will the company be able to develop to an important milestone by then?

* How much money are you going to attract? What time is it?

12 who is your competitor?

* Who are your current and potential competitors?

* Who is likely to compete with you, who is likely to cooperate with you?

* Your strengths and weaknesses?

* What's so special about you?

13 What partner do you have?

* Who is your sales or technical partner? Current? Future?

* How reliable are these partners?

14 Why is it suitable for interested investors?

* and the direction of investors, the experience is consistent?

* What are the complementarities, or competition, with the existing portfolio of investors?

15 What are the assumptions of other * success conditions?

* Is there any sudden factor that could change your business overnight? New technology, new market members, changes in rules and regulations?

* What are the weaknesses of your company?

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